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Budget R/B Minotaur Tribal - "Horned Slaughter".


Gnarled Scarhide - there is only one one-drop Minotaur and it is not superb. Still, a 2/1 (that can't block) might be good enough for this deck.

Deathbellow Raider - great turn 2 drop - also the only one in the deck -. The disadvantage of this card is not really a disadvantage as attacking each turn with a 2/3 might be hard to deal with in early turns - just in early turns -.

Rageblood Shaman - he provides Trample and +1/+1 counters to other Minotaurs, as simple as that. A must have.

Ragemonger - he reduces the coloured mana cost of all my Minotaurs by 1 R/B. Great combo with Kragma Warcaller, making him a 3 generic mana drop, more on that later.

Felhide Petrifier - with a Gorgon's head, all our Minotaurs now have Deathtouch!

Fanatic of Mogis - deals direct damage to your opponent as your devotion to Red.

Neheb, the Worthy - another Lord that grants First Strike to the team and can boost the herd while attacking.

Kragma Warcaller - last but not least. You might think 5 mana is too much for this guy? Well, that's why he must be played after Ragemonger. Now all your Minotaurs have Haste and +2/+0 while attacking, awesome!


Shock & Lightning Bolt - your opponent have some pesky threats on the board? Zap 'em! Face is the place, in case of necessity.

Dreadbore - sorcery speed removal for Planeswalkers and other potential (huge) threats.



So, i was out for quite some time and now, i came back finding out there's a new boss in town: Neheb, the Worthy! Is he worthy enough to swap out Mogis, God of Slaughter for him? First of all; he is actually a Minotaur that will be buffed by other lords in this deck. Then, he is able to buff the entire herd with ease. He is also a potential 1 generic mana dropo in combo with Ragemonger. Well, i think we have a winner here!


Gnarled Scarhide is finally in the deck after 7 years. I am evaluating to get Mogis, God of Slaughter back in the business replacing 2x Dreadbore, as 4x are definitely too much. Maybe swapping them for Terminate is also a clever idea.


I was never a big fan of Bloodrage Brawler as the "discard a card" cost was really unappealing. Then Unearth happened and that might be the reason to include the Brawler.


Summer toughts:

4x Bloodrage Brawler replacing 4x Deathbellow Raider. 2x Terminate replacing 2x Dreadbore. 4x Unearth replacing 2x Dreadbore and 2x Fanatic of Mogis (maybe?).

I plan to improve the deck as i found new and stronger cards.

Feel free to suggest wathever card you think might improve this deck!


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