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B/W Afterlife deck I put together for around $20. I pretty much just turtle with deathtouch creatures until late game where I have 8-10 creatures on board, swinging with the tokens whenever possible. Around turn 6-8 I usually have alteast 1 Teysa Karlov and 1 Cruel Celebrant on board. Cast Kaya's Wrath to wipe. Kills all my creatures and I gain back any life I lost and then some, while my opponent is left without any blockers and I get around 10+ spirit tokens that are all atleast 2/2 because of Ethereal Absolution or Glass of the Guildpact

Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord is just there to resurrect any creatures that have died for more tokens. Plus the lifelink doesn't hurt.

Any comments/questions/suggestions are welcome.


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