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Budget Morph Tribal



Hello! This is my first pass on a budget magic deck. This deck is meant to be a super hard to predict deck that has a lot of instant speed tricks that and creatures that can be 6/6 tramplers or negate type effect cards without your opponent ever knowing. As such, here is a brief overview of the deck.

Tribal support

The main tribal support cards in this deck are Salt Road Ambushers, a potentially 4/4 creature that gives a stackable buff effect when triggered,and Trail of Mystery, which again is stackable, but also provides free attunes when activated. Because you can Unmorph at instant speed, both of these provide combat tricks.Temur War Shaman can also keep your opponents board pretty empty at a low cost to you. Speaking of low costs, Obscuring AEther is a great way to cheat cards out early, and can chump if need be.

DisruptionStratus Dancer is a useful negate on a stick, great for stopping ramp, removel and wipes for a cheap cost, while growing a bit in the process. Deathmist Raptor, the dino of khans, is a great, cheap chumper and killer that can easily get reoccurred, allowing for a good post-wipe card and hard to kill killer.

FinishersSagu Mauler is a great card for this deck, being able to flip as early as turn five and resieve large buffs from the Trails and Ambushers, hitting in for a ton of damage. Hooded Hydra gives me a back up plan of death-by-tokens, and synigises great with the Ambushers again.

card draw and removal Secret Plans is an odd little card, keeping morphs relevant and potentialy keeping your hand at 6-7 range, while Reality Shift can easily kill one of your opponents creatures without getting another and is anyway a nice cheap removal spell.

Thanks for reading that! Now here's the deck! Please also give sideboard suggestions.


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