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Small note:just because I'm labelling this as Legacy, it does not mean I want it to be competitive. I just want diversity my decks a bit

Bringer of the Last Gift is literally Living Death on a body, but with simplified text. However, it's much more budget, which may not seem very important since it's only around two bucks cheaper, but depending on the country you live (in my case, Brazil), this can mean a huge difference.

While its price is much better, it's mana cost isn't. makes it hard to get it out and, to make things worse, they put the "if you cast it". Think about this, I could have tried to build a list with Modern's restriction, but that didn't seem really interesting. On the other hand, with Legacy's restrictions I can use Songs of the Damned to make use of creatures with cycling to dig deeper and have tons of mana.

Of course, this idea isn't perfect. This is still a very rough draft of the deck. Here's a few examples of things needing polish:

  • You need Bringer of the Last Gift on your hand to win, but not more than one so it doesn't clog you hand. My solution? Run only one of them with four copies of Mausoleum Secrets, a cards I've always been very interested to play since it came out.
  • Even though I just said I like Mausoleum Secrets, it does need a critical mass of creatures in graveyard to do anything. For now it's the best I could thing of. Suggestions are welcome.
  • Despite being possible to have only creatures with generic costs in their cycling abilities, they usually cost or more. In order have as many cheaper cyclers as possible (and because I also considered adding a Soulflayer as another wincon), I ended splashing more colors, which in turn needs mana fixing, which is hard to do on a budget.

I want this to be a somewhat short description (for now). There are many problems and possibly interactions I didn't think about. If you think anything could help, just mention it. I always enjoy feedback.


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