Quick rundown: Swamp Theme, Snow Theme, Devotion Theme, and excessive board wipes. The only semi-expensive cards are Erebos and Erebos's whip.

Lots of BB and 1BB cards to help get Erebos to be a creature on turn 4. a 1B card can also work if you get a B card on turn 1.

Auras and equipment can potentially give Erebos lifelink, flying, vigilance, trample, and a bunch of extra attack. The lifelink is the most important, since life is fuel to draw cards. There are also a few supplemental beaters/blockers and a good number of chump blockers to protect your life total in the early/mid game. A good number of the greatures have strong ETB triggers for Erebos's Whip.

The deck runs 8 board wipes, and 2 enchantments that can serve as repeatable board wipes. Pestilence and Withering Whisps usually disappear when the board is clear, but with Erebos being indestructible, they can stick to the board and serve as repeatable wipes. Erebos is immune to all of these, so its very asymmetrical. There is also some spot removal to deal with problematic creatures in the early game, and some of the spot removal can kill indestructible creatures.


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