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Budget Deck - Izzet Flying

Modern UR (Izzet)


A deck built from a 2016 starter deck into a full on Izzet deck where all creatures have Flying, there are no vanillas. There is more to it than that though as the creatures chosen have Flying synergy and the basic creature powers itself up with the use of Instants, Sorceries and Enchantments. Chandra's Spitfire can also power itself up whenever an opponent is dealt non-combat damage while Crackling Drake provides a long term goal for the use of such spells as it gets stronger for every one you use.

The Planeswalker, Ral makes this even more proficient. He allows you to search for your spells easier by way of Scrying and then copy them to provide multiple boosts to your creatures, even damaging your opponent in the process. There are also a few boss creatures that can be used as a backup plan should you not draw the cards you need.


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