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BUDGET: Bouncing Assassin's

Commander / EDH Budget Tribal UB (Dimir)


This deck is a concept deck, Its budget themed (no card over 5$ allowed)

The purpose of the deck is to bounce etrata to my hand or exile her rather then send her to the library when her ability is active. However I have also included tutor options to get her out of the library or graveyard if i somehow need to. This deck also has a assassin tribal sub-theme to have fun with both combined or without etrata's own hit counter ability. Its only mission is to annoy a target player and get them out of the game though etrata's own ability or other assassin's abilities, or just combat damage.

The deck is a W.I.P and help is appreciated and encouraged. If suggesting replacements please let me know what cards to replace with the new one. It helps with organization and my own sanity thanks!


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Watery Grave current market price is around 8$ (at time of writing) it is included because I have 2 copies of it in my inventory and its too useful to not include. Just note if building this deck replacing it with a cheaper duel land is recommended.


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