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PUZZLE UPDATE: I made a complementary series of simple puzzles to help teach combat basics to beginners, featuring the cards from the green and red beginner teaching decks. View the PDF I shared on Google drive here: link

Magic 101

This series of casual decks is designed to teach Magic to new players in the best way possible. Each color deck is a "real" constructed deck: the card choices are very deliberate and work together to highlight a play style typical for that color. The new player is meant to start with the and decks. As they learn the game mechanics, they then progress to play the other colors, which increase a little in complexity. A LOT of work has gone into balancing the decks, so that any one of them is an interesting match-up against the others.

Because this is meant to try to "capture" new players and sell them on the game, there is a focus on good art and low prices. Each deck is meant to work as a cohesive unit, so the new player is indirectly exposed to deck brewing concepts. The card text is kept as simple as possible, so the new player can focus on learning the game.

Credit goes to massivecreature. His approach and his red and green decks on reddit link served to guide the rest of this project.

The Curriculum

Budget Beginner Teach Decks (#1 Green) w Puzzles! : Ramp deck.
Introduces trample, reach, hexproof, enchantments, card draw/cantrips, upkeep step.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#2 Red) : Aggressive/burn deck.
Introduces haste, flying, first strike/double strike, sacrifice costs, direct damage, costs, gain control, end step, exile.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#3 White) : Tribal go wide deck.
Introduces tokens, auras, anthem/lord effects, protection, defender.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#4 Black) : Recursion/control deck.
Introduces destruction, graveyard interaction, hand discard, wraths, deathtouch.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#5 Blue) : Control/combo deck.
Introduces alternate win conditions, artifacts, counterspells, scry, bounce, non-basic lands, cycling, delve.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#6 Multi) : Voltron/infect deck.
Introduces equipment, legendaries, counters, regenerate, lifelink.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#7 Multi) : Aristocrats (alternate multicolor deck).
Introduces alternate form cards (double faced), counters, non-basic lands, drain, lifelink.

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This deck: style and choices

This deck highlights the Aristocrats archetype. There are 3 components to the deck mechanism: fodder, "artists", and sacrifice outlets. The strategy is: 1) make creatures, 2) sacrifice our own creatures, 3) win.

The fodder: these are the cards that create our creatures, either as multiples or provide a benefit for us when they die. The most obvious fodder are the Doomed Traveler and Midnight Haunting , which both provide 2 creatures from one spell. Spirit Bonds is repeatable source for sacrifice fodder, and can also serve as a sac outlet (see below).

The "artists": these cards provide benefit to us when our creatures die. Blood Artist is representative of card of this type, and was in the original version of this budget deck. However, the price of the card has prohibitively gone up, and a budget alternative has been printed. Instead we use Cruel Celebrant . It grants us life and more importantly drains our opponent when a creature dies. This life drain is a big part of our win strategy. If we can flip our Pious Evangel   into a Wayward Disciple , then he serves the same role. Aside from the drain effect, the Wall of Limbs also benefits from creatures dying because of the artists (and would be overpowered if it was not a defender). The Vizkopa Guildmage interestingly also fits in this category. If we activate her second ability (when you gain life, opponent loses life), then she effectively doubles the drain effect of the artists.

The sacrifice outlets: these are the cards that provide a way for us to kill our own creatures. Cartel Aristocrat is the namesake card of this archetype, and has a repeatable, no cost sac ability. Protection is a strong ability making this quite a good card. Pious Evangel   and Disciple of Griselbrand can provide a little health when they sacrifice. Maw of the Obzedat is already good because it has a free trigger, but the way that it can pump the rest of the team can make late game combat challenging for the opponent and help stall while our drain triggers whittle away. Flesh Allergy and Plaguecrafter both provide removal when they sac one of our creatures. Vampiric Rites can be very helpful especially late in the game. Finally, Spirit Bonds has an added utility as an expensive but powerful sac trigger.

Maybeboard: There are a lot of good alternative options for this deck. The maybeboard I have here is actually the short list. I won't discuss every card, but there are a few worthy of special mention.

Originally I made the deck with Lingering Souls but it was too overpowered in playtesting, the other decks could not keep up with this card. Spectral Procession is also just a bit too good.

There is a whole subtheme that could be done with humans, including Requiem Angel , Gather the Townsfolk , Skirsdag Flayer , Unclaimed Territory and Avacyn's Collar . I opted to keep it a little simpler, and limited to one token type, as the deck is already complicated enough.

I did want to include a legendary card, but had a hard time finding a good fit. Kambal, Consul of Allocation is the best option, but he is just so strong against the blue deck that I opted not to include him. Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim is much stronger than Disciple of Griselbrand but it just seemed thematically out of place in the deck with its odd ability set. Baird, Steward of Argive would slow down attacking opponents, but the deck already has a pretty good stall game. Teysa Karlov would be a good fit, but is still a little pricey for multiple copies. If it drops in cost, I may remove an evangel and a haunting for two of her.

Death Grasp , and Consume Spirit both have excellent art, and were considered in my first runs of the deck. They gave the deck too much reach compared to the other decks, so I took them out to keep it interesting. I also wanted to include equipment, and considered Blade of the Bloodchief , but this made the original Blood Artist get out of hand way too fast.

Finally, I should mention Exquisite Blood . I really wanted to include this effect, because I don't yet have anything in the beginner decks that "goes infinite". This card, combined with the Vizkopa Guildmage ability causes an endless loop that wins the game. Regrettably, the card is way out of budget and there is no alternative.

The original version had Merciless Executioner , but for some reason the price spiked on this card. Plaguecrafter is a good cheaper substitution.

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For a fun video introduction to the rules of MTG, check out this video:


It is a bit fast paced, but it covers just about everything.


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