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Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#2 Red)

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PUZZLE UPDATE: I made a complementary series of simple puzzles to help teach combat basics to beginners, featuring the cards from the green and red beginner teaching decks. View the PDF I shared on Google drive here: link

Magic 101

This series of casual decks is designed to teach Magic to new players in the best way possible. Each color deck is a "real" constructed deck: the card choices are very deliberate and work together to highlight a play style typical for that color. The new player is meant to start with the and decks. As they learn the game mechanics, they then progress to play the other colors, which increase a little in complexity. A LOT of work has gone into balancing the decks, so that any one of them is an interesting match-up against the others.

Because this is meant to try to "capture" new players and sell them on the game, there is a focus on good art and low prices. Each deck is meant to work as a cohesive unit, so the new player is indirectly exposed to deck brewing concepts. The card text is kept as simple as possible, so the new player can focus on learning the game.

Credit goes to massivecreature. His approach and his red and green decks on reddit link served to guide the rest of this project.

The Curriculum

Budget Beginner Teach Decks (#1 Green) w Puzzles! : Ramp deck.
Introduces trample, reach, hexproof, enchantments, card draw/cantrips, upkeep step.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#2 Red) : Aggressive/burn deck.
Introduces haste, flying, first strike/double strike, sacrifice costs, direct damage, costs, gain control, end step, exile.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#3 White) : Tribal go wide deck.
Introduces tokens, auras, anthem/lord effects, protection, defender.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#4 Black) : Recursion/control deck.
Introduces destruction, graveyard interaction, hand discard, wraths, deathtouch.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#5 Blue) : Control/combo deck.
Introduces alternate win conditions, artifacts, counterspells, scry, bounce, non-basic lands, cycling, delve.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#6 Multi) : Voltron/infect deck.
Introduces equipment, legendaries, counters, regenerate, lifelink.

Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#7 Multi) : Aristocrats (alternate multicolor deck).
Introduces alternate form cards (double faced), counters, non-basic lands, drain, lifelink.

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This deck: style and choices

Gameplay becomes a little more complicated with this deck. Primarily it is an aggro deck trying to cause fast damage to the opposing player, but on rare occasion may need to use a spell on an opposing creature. There is also decision making about when to pull the trigger on the Rush of Adrenaline and Assault Strobe combo. There is synergy between Spark Elemental , Goblin Arsonist and Traitorous Blood with Collateral Damage . If the first few turns are ineffective, Traitorous Blood and Disintegrate provide late game options.

The deck has a mix of sorceries and instants which helps highlight the functional difference between the two.

This deck diverges a bit from massivecreature's version. He included the Minotaur Aggressor and Stone Rain . Both of these do not serve the aggressive nature of the deck well. If the game ever went to seven turns, red should already have lost. Instead I added Kiln Fiend and Spark Elemental . Both are a little more expensive, but allow the deck to perform more aggressively, and fit the archetype better. Without these cards, the red deck was consistently losing to all the others. Searing Blood is an excellent card but I needed to move something out to complete the changes, and this had the most complex rules text. Fireblast is actually a great card for this deck, but not worth the price, and in my opinion the art is inferior to other choices.

I considered adding scry to this deck with Magma Jet and Titan's Strength , as it would help strengthen it against the other decks, but it seemed a bit confusing this early in the set and is more fundamental to the blue deck later.

Enrage has excellent art and flavor, but just doesn't fit the deck well and the cost is more confusing than necessary. I would have loved to have put a dragon in the deck for flavor, perhaps Flameblast Dragon , but it does not fit the aggressive approach the deck at all

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For a fun video introduction to the rules of MTG, check out this video:


It is a bit fast paced, but it covers just about everything.


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