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Want to play Curious Control without breaking the bank? This list is our attempt to provide for that. In brief the deck aims to keep opponents from winning in there early game with its suit of interaction, then land a value engine in the form of a pinger with a curiosity effect, and grind into the late game.

For a look at the full powered list that this deck was based on you can check out this list from the data base with a full primer on how to best utilize the deck. Or this list which is what we used as our base and is the list a member of our play group has played to great effect.

This list is at a $500 budget, and is by no means definitive. It is intended to act as a stepping stone into a format that can seem very expensive and overwhelming.

Hope this has been of help and huge props to shaper and the community for input as we were working on this.

Here is the YouTube link to watch if you'd like.


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