A deck based around the classic NES/Arcade franchise: Bubble Bobble

This deck generally prioritizes theme over power and is currently a work in progress.

It is my observation that the game comes down to a few simple things:
- Dinohippos or some shit
- Bubbles
- Jumping/Hopping
- Bubblegum/candy
- Enemies speed up over time
- Secret rooms
- Cave of monsters
- Waterfalls or waves or something
- Robots
- Ghosts
- Whales
- Angrier versions of the above
- Veggies/Fruits
- Jewels
- Jewelry/Trinkets
- Drinks
- Candy
- Umbrellas

After some consideration for the availability of those items in cards, I have refined that list into the list that forms the basis of this deck as follows:

- Bubbles: The best example is Capture Sphere . The game is about capturing enemy creatures in bubbles!
- Bobbles: I'm representing as single target bounce spells or tap/untap stuff, I think Echo Tracer is a good example.
- Baubles: For instance Coveted Jewel . In my experience everyone is trying to get the jewels and treats the vanquished enemies drop...
- Robots: In the game they look like wind up robots, but I think Hopping Automaton is the prototypical example. He hops!
- Dinohippos: These are stand-ins for our hero Keruga who is the platonic ideal, but perhaps Bounding Krasis is a decent example (even though it's not a dino or a hippo it looks the part).
- Whales: These are the dangerous enemies in the game, they can get reeeeaaallly angry and can set you back in the game. Scourge of Fleets is my example but Colossal Whale is pretty good too and Killer Whale can hop!
- Waves: This is that weird waterfall cascade thing that the hero's can do to hit enemies, I chose to go mass bounce rather than using the cascade mechanic, Whelming Wave for instance.
- Snacks: This ended up mostly being drinks, Sleeping Potion is the example, though thematically it's not quite right... good enough OK!?
- Caves: Any land with a cave theme Rhystic Cave is the dumbest one. If people are blocking you from getting mana out of a land when you're running a Bubble Bobble themed deck, then something has gone terribly wrong in their life. - Rainbows: This category is a callout to the subsequent game titles. It's the least supported and overlaps with the Baubles a lot. Think Prismatic Lens
An interesting observation as a side effect of constructing this deck. Umbrella's do not appear to have been invented yet in the MTG Multiverse... More research is needed here, but let me know if I'm wrong.

To the extent that there is a plan in this deck, it's probably bouncing, tapping, or removing your opponents threats while building your board and getting stompy. Keruga has card draw built in and some of the bouncing should be used on your own commander to setup more card draw. The wincon (if you can call it that) is getting trample on enough creatures with Thunderfoot Baloth or bouncing/tapping enough of your opponents stuff that you can get combat damage through.
The maybe board is full of the stuff that didn't make the cut but I wanted to include for aesthetic purposes. However I thought I should discuss a few.

- Craterhoof Behemoth definitely looks like a dinohippo, and on top of that, it would definitely play into the theme and plan for the deck, but sadly I'm not going to shell more than 5 bucks for a card for a gimmick deck.
- Bubble Matrix is very very on theme, but also expensive. Maybe somehow you turn trampling into a plan with this card, but I think most of the time it just ends a game with boredom, so it didn't make the cut.
- The actual baubles Conjurer's Bauble , Mishra's Bauble , Urza's Bauble , and Wayfarer's Bauble all miss the cut due to price and or lack of utility in the deck.
- Damping Sphere and the Orbs. No one wants to play against those.
- Leery Fogbeast is probably the second closest imagining of the heroes of Bubble Bobble in magic card art form, but it's a completely useless creature as far as I can tell. Its so good that it gets feature card billing even though it's not in the deck!
- Thing in the Ice   was a tough cut because it's kind of a bubble, wave, and whale all in one. Flavor wise I love the card because it's trapped in ice (a bubble) and then angrily busts out and sweeps the heroes away. It was slightly too expensive, and there's just not enough instant and sorcery cards in the deck to make it work.

Note: Official sources indicate that "Bub" and Bob" are actually dragons. That's obviously false.


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