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So I wanted to make a deck that I could use to troll my friends by saying that I beat them with an uncommon commander lol. This deck is all about drawing and just swinging out with unlockable. Open to suggestions and +1's always welcome c:

Note Worthy Cards: Bloodforged Battle-Axe - Quickly multiplies after only a couple turns Throne of the God-Pharaoh - AoE damage based on tapped things Quietus Spike - Makes even the smallest of dudes a big hitter Lightning Greaves - Commander protection, makes sure your guys can keep swinging Notorious Throng - So most of my commander decks are competitive, but this one is a lot more casual. With that being said taking extra turns is always a grey area in commander and may bring a lot of hate, but I feel as though since there are no crazy combos or anything like that in this deck, this card found its place. And hey, if your playgroup is against the extra turn anyway, you dont have to use that part Burnished Hart - mana ramp Teferi's Veil - creature protection since most wipes are sorcery based Invisible Stalker - hexproof dude thats also unblockable when the commander isnt out. This guy is a great buff target

Cards that let you re use or search for cards

Archaeomancer - Tribute Mage - Trophy Mage - Fabricate - Mystical Tutor

Infect cards (main win con)

Blighted Agent - Ichorclaw Myr - Necropede - Phyrexian Digester - Plague Myr - Viral Drake

Control cards to stall out the game so you can get enough dudes on the board

Cephalid Constable - Hope of Girapur - Mistblade Shinobi - Soul Seizer   - Dissipation Field - Frozen Aether - Propaganda - Arm with AEther - Inundate - AEtherize - Cyclonic Rift (what blue deck doesnt use this card lul) - Reality Shift

The Big Three that can smack on their own

Charix, the Raging Isle - Mindshrieker - Psychosis Crawler

Token generators for wide swings

Chasm Skulker - Eldrazi Skyspawner - Master of Waves - Mist-Syndicate Naga - Nadir Kraken - Thopter Spy Network

Counters (hey its blue what did you expect)

Arcane Denial - Counterspell - Forbid

Draw engines, You cant block us all!... or any of us for that matter..

Ghostly Pilferer - Illusory Ambusher - Impaler Shrike - Library Larcenist - Mystic Archaeologist - Neurok Commando - Surrakar Spellblade - Tandem Lookout - Coastal Piracy - Military Intelligence - Reconnaissance Mission - Teferi's Ageless Insight - Preordain


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