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Brudiclad's Thopter Chop Shop

Commander / EDH* Artifact Tokens UR (Izzet)


Welcome to Brudicald's Chop shop, the one stop shop for all things Thop(ter)!

Brudiclad tokens deck, with only artifact tokens to tie in with other artifact synergies.

Thopters will be the main path to victory, going wide and over the top, but Wurm Coil tokens or myrs for Myr Battle Sphere are good fall backs. Making token copies of regular creatures can also produce interesting synergies. Having multiple attacking copies of Sharding Sphinx is especially powerful.

Ashnods Altar/KCI + Nim Deathmantle and any double token producer can go infinite and finish the game with Brudiclad out.

All other legendary Creatures can act as good lieutenants, Sai and Urza being all stars.


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44% Casual

56% Competitive