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Broodmother of the Great Forest: Beledros EDH

Commander / EDH BG (Golgari) Landfall Ramp Tap/Untap




this is my build for the new commander Beledros Witherbloom , im not very experienced with really building Golgari, so any advise will be appreciated! This is the first new commander that has been printed where i actually am really hyped to play it, so i hope to build this deck into a fun and enjoyable list over time!

Deck Goals:

  • Ramp LOADS: the more land in play the better Beledros gets!
  • play heavy on answers and removal: seeing how the first few turns of the game will be mostly spent ramping, make sure you have some answers for people playing more aggressive.
  • be strong, but don't dominate: with my current playgroup i want to focus on decks that can perform consistently and present threats, but i dont want to take over the table.
  • play giant X spells: when you draw an X spell with your commander out its pretty much a guaranteed step towards winning.

For now i will leave it at this, but as soon as i have a little more experience playtesting i will start writing a cool primer!


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