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Brimaz - Rise of an Empire

Commander / EDH Mono-White



Rise of an Empire

In most of my decks, I do not play tutor cards for a few reasons. First, because I like never having a specific strategy like I would do in Standard or Modern but rather a theme, making for more casual games. Second, I love never playing the same EDH game twice, which will mostly be the case when you add tutor cards. And last, but not least, tutor cards are usually expensive if you want the best ones and as EDH is a fun hobby to me, I do not feel like spending tens or hundreds of dollars on cards that will not bring me enjoyment.
Brimaz is here and he is assembling his army for the glory of his empire. His bravery and leadership will lead you to victory.

Deck Tech

  1. Create tokens early in the game.
  2. Boost them with global enchantments.
  3. Attack relentlessly everytime you can without having too many casualties.


Brimaz needs to assemble his army first. The best way to do so is to create tokens in order not to fall too much behind as a mono-white deck.

I did not want to do a tribal deck as I felt like building a mono-white would be a challenge enough.

Global Boost

My main issue with Brimaz at first was to make my tokens survive. Early in the game, I would get myself stuck as soon as a 2/2 would come out on every board. I thought of different solutions, and the best one that came to me was to transform my attacking tokens into bigger threats.

That way, the attacking 1/1s would therefore become 3/3s with vigilance, giving me some early pressure as well as a wall that is hard to get through.


I like to have many control cards in my decks in general as I enjoy always having some control over the board. I tend to dislike games that get stuck and where everyone is waiting desperatly for a card that might solve the problem.

According to your own preferences you can decide to take some out and add other cards.

The deck can be very vulnerable and it is important to be conservative of resources when you can.

Casual environment

When playing in a casual group, going all in is probably your best way to have fun. From time to time, people will get surprised when realizing that, all of a sudden, the 6 damage dealt are turned into 24 in only a few turns.

More competitive

It is important to keep in mind that this deck, just like most of my decks, are not meant to win in a very competitive environment. However, even though you will not get into the Top 8 of any tournament, you would probably be able to win a couple of games against decks that are in between casual/competitive.

In order to do so, your best bet is to never be too threatening. As soon as your board state, token or boost wise, becomes too impressive, the wrath is coming to balance the game.

You can definitely get back into the game after a wrath even though it might take you time. If the wraths keep on happening, you will not be able to recover from it. That is why it can sometimes be wiser to keep some fuel, just in case.


Brimaz, King of Oreskos

Brimaz is our commander. A 3/4 Vigilance for 3 is quite good, but the best part is what follows. Everytime you attack with Brimaz you create a token attacking and the same is true when blocking.

As explained above, you want to be able to attack each turn with Brimaz, that's why you want to drop him early.

The only thing is to try and attack opponents that will not be able to trade with the token that spawns. As it is attacking and only a 1/1, it is easy for everyone to destroy it. That's when you need to put down your boost cards.

Everytime that you cannot go through anyone's defense, cast a boost. If you feel like you can go for lethal without too many drawbacks, go for your boosts and march on!

As Brimaz is quite threatening by himself and you will drop him early, you are very likely to get him targeted by some removal. That's also for this very reason that I tried to make the deck reliable without Brimaz as, as soon as he dies twice, you are very likely to cast it only during the late game, as a last resort.

If the deck is not the best you will ever see, it is still fun to play when you like aggro.

Brimaz was my first ever commander and the first mythic rare I ever cracked (as I was playing during Onslaught and caught back during Theros). I felt like I needed to create an EDH deck with Brimaz to honor that happy memory.

Consul's Lieutenant

Usually a very good card to get early in the game. A 2/1 first strike as a drop 2 can go through most of the other early drops, giving you a 3/2 when Brimaz hits the battlefield. Later in the game, the card becomes a little less valuable but can still get the job done once you have several boosts in place.

The boost being only when Consul's Lieutenant attacks, people tend to forget about it and are not willing to waste removal on it.

Knight of the White Orchid

Ramp is always good to have, especially in white. Furthermore, it is another creature that can benefit from a boost. First strike is always a plus.

Oreskos Explorer

Again, early ramp and a creature, that's everything we need.

Precinct Captain

I consider the Precinct Captain as a mini Brimaz, King of Oreskos. When you play against someone that doesn't know the deck, he will often take a removal and give you more space for your commander.

Did I mention I like having First Strike creatures on my early drops?

Bastion Protector

This card is one of my favorite white card. For only three mana, you get a 3/3 that gives your commander indestructible and a boost. In this deck, this is exactly what you need. Not only Brimaz is now a real threat on his own, but he also needs another kill spell to be removed, which is a real plus.

Benalish Marshal

A very simple but yet effective card in the deck. The plus is that, as a mono-white, the devotion is not a problem at all here.

Court Street Denizen

This card becomes a real bummer for opponents when you get to the midgame.

As you start hitting 6 mana, your token spawn rate is getting bigger and bigger, which means, you will most likely find a way to get through on someone's board if you start tapping 3 to 4 creatures in one go.

Fairgrounds Warden

I always liked exiling stuff better than anything else in Magic. Being able to get rid of something permanently is the most effective thing to me.

Of course, Fairgrounds Warden is not permanent in the sense that, if you get rid of him, you get your stuff back. But that's still gaining us time and getting a removal for Brimaz so I would say it's worth it.

Frontline Medic

I just like how well the medic goes with the rest of the deck. If you get lucky, usually on turn 4 or 5, your stuff is ready to tread heavily on everything by getting indestructible. Add 1 or 2 boosts to that, and you become the most valuable board at that time.

Being able to counter an X spell is also a good plus to prevent any infinite that would use one of those.

Gideon's Avenger


I am not yet sure about this guy. Usually, he grows quickly and can get 6 counters in one full turn if your opponents have some elves. The creature is a big threat, but nothing more since it does not have any capacity.

Usually, it gets removed or is not big enough to go through most of the boards, according to the time of the game.

Intrepid Hero

I like the guy mainly because it can deal with creatures that would block most of your weenies. In a regular game, you will get enough boosts to make your tokens become 4/4s.

That way, you really need to be concerned by creatures that are 4 or higher.

Mirran Crusader


I really like playing the crusader mainly because my previous playgroup was always playing green.

Also, the double strike part doubled with the boosts make it become one of the biggest threat since he cannot be targeted by black.

Since the card is not related to the themes, I start thinking that there might be a better card out there.

Solemn Recruit

The Solemn Recruit is here to give you some value when your tokens cannot go through. When they die, the recruit grows bigger and since it has double strike, you can go through most defenses.

Soltari Champion

Shadow is fun and since the champion boosts everyone when attacking, I find it a good addition to the deck.

Soltari Visionary

Shadow and enchantment removal together. It can truly help when preventing someone to set up his board. And again, it kind of forces players to use removal for it.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar

Thalia is an early drop that truly bothers everyone. Because creatures come tapped, you can squeeze through the boards and have an additional turn to deal with creatures.

As soon as you play against multicolored decks, you also get some value when players play fetch or dual lands.

Angel of Jubilation

The angel is a good addition to the deck as it is a boost and a way to block a good amount of black cards.

Hero of Bladehold

One of the cards I like the most in this deck. Even when I have a sketchy hand, I tend to keep it if she is in it.

Spawning two creatures and boosting them as well, I often refer to the hero as Brimaz's big sister.

Jazal Goldmane


I have mixed feelings about Jazal. His ability can be huge but it is kind of hard to pull it off. I was able to use it only a couple of times, and everytime I did, it resulted in a huge blow, either forcing the trades or killing someone.

The thing is, it can be tricky to use it as, usually, it triggers a big warning sign and players know for sure it is the perfect timing for a wrath. Therefore, this might be one of the cards I could get rid off for another.

Kytheon's Irregulars

What I love about those guys is that, it is a big creature (for white and with that mana cost) and it allows for so much value later in the game.

Everytime that you have mana left and you have nothing to cast/bluff about, you can burn your mana on that tapping capacity. That way, you get rid of the big guys, and force the trades.

Loxodon Gatekeeper

Just like Thalia, the gatekeeper is a pain in the butt for everyone else but you. Having that guy on the battlefield might result in some hate.

Having everything coming tapped, even artifacts is exactly what we need for our opponents. It allows us to have a turn to plan what to do with the board and prevent any surprise coming from creatures with haste.

Odric, Master Tactician


Odric has been added to the deck recently and I couldn't quite test him yet but it feels nice to do what you want during combat phases. It is kind of a passive removal but still needs to have a rather good board state already.

For now, I would say that I still have mixed feelings about him but will keep him for now.

Oketra the True

Having something indestructible on the board is always great as it brings some tension in your opponents' mind.

Having three other creatures on the board is usually easy to achieve, so when Oketra is becoming a creature, you can put some pressure on the biggest boards or prevent people from attacking you.

Paying 4 to create a token is a bit expensive, but when you have nothing else to do, it's always good to have another body.

Paragon of New Dawns


The paragon is in this deck only for the boost as most tokens I spawn already have vigilance. The fact that I have been using the second ability only a few times makes me wonder if I should go for another card instead as it is a 4 mana drop and only a 2/2.

Angel of Invention

I have not been playing the angel for a long time but everytime I have, it was getting me back in the game.

Having the possibility to use the fabricate ability to spawn or boost is great. When the boosts concern all creatures and not only white creatures, I usually go for the spawn, otherwise I just get a big flyer with lifelink.

Regal Caracal

I was very sceptical when I added the caracal to the deck. Turns out, it was a pretty good idea. Just spawning and giving Brimaz and his spawns a boost and lifelink is enough to make the card worth it.

I always underestimated the value of lifelink in aggro, but having a 4/5 with lifelink, spawning a 2/2 with lifelink already gives you 6 hp, even if your token dies. On the long run, you will be able to tank for a few turns, giving you a chance to catch up.

Captain of the Watch

Six mana feels a bit expensive, but since most of the cards I have are low on the mana curve, I felt I could add that one. Just the spawn and boost make the cost worth it. If you have too many boosts, you might trigger a will to wrath, so be careful when casting the spell.

Crovax, Ascendant Hero

Crovax has been criticized many, many times by my friends. They considered him useless and way too expensive to cast but mainly because they didn't have any aggro deck at the time.

As soon as they started doing some token decks, they finally understood why I was so conservative about keeping it in the deck.

What I like about him is the fact that he is kind of a double boost since the minus applies to 3 boards instead of one.

Also, being able to pay 2 life to save the guy is a plus in a deck that is so affected by wraths. It gives you some card advantage over decks that play a lot of removal. Also, it allows for some surprise shenanigans where you unboost white creatures from an opponent and boost other colors again, making a very confident attack a total mess.

Sun Titan


I love the Sun Titan, he is a pretty good value in many decks and especially in aggro decks since most of the deck will be 3 or below.

The only thing that bothers me is his mana cost. Six mana can be hard to reach in a game where your ramp is not showing up. Of course, being able to reanimate Brimaz and cheat the commander tax is great but... I feel like there might be another card that could take that spot.

Secure the Wastes

One of the greatest card in the deck. Instant speed token spawner that you can make as big as you want throughout the game. That's just exactly what we need.

Having it early game is great because you might be able to trade some attackers with the tokens when your opponent thought "I'm going to damage for 1 with my Elvish Mystic this turn". And it allows for a good surprise blow if you cast it for 10 just before your turn and you have several boosts in place.

Swords to Plowshares

My playgroup was always whining about the fact that I was playing too much exile for games to be fun. The truth is, you can never have too much exile. It is your best bet at regulating the board and it allows for good negotiation.

Knowing that you may exile anything at some point in the game is truly an advantage when it comes to alliances in a game, and nobody wants you on their back. So, as soon as they know that all your white decks have a Swords to Plowshares, they know that this one single untapped Plains is a "No Trespassing" sign.

Return to Dust

I just love this card, exiling two cards in one if you cast it during your turn, that's just awesome. Especially artifacts and enchantments that can sometimes be tricky to target. The plus is that, if there's only one threat to remove, you can zap one of the rocks laying around if you have nothing else to target.

The fact that you can also cast it at instant speed to get rid of something is awesome because it allows you to break a combo if things are getting out of hands.

Martial Coup

A good way to spawn creatures. For 3 you spawn 1 token, and of course, the more you pay, the better the ratio.

Usually, I like to use my other spawners and keep that one for the later game as you get a wrath out of it as soon as you pay 7, which can sometimes get you back into the game quite well if you have some enchantments on the board.

Spectral Procession

You pay 3 and get three 1/1s with flying. The only way to make the card better would be to make it an instant, but then again, it's not too much of a bother.

Wrath of God

The name of the card sums it all up. A wrath is never too much, especially in an aggro deck once you start falling behind in card advantage.

Conqueror's Pledge

You create 6 guys for 5 mana and you have the option to make it 12 for 11 mana. Even though it seems a lot, it truly is not once you realize all those 1/1s are most likely going to be 3/3s in a turn or so.

Mass Calcify


You are telling me that you can wrath even when you have been populating for turns and not lose anything in the process? Please do...

The real downside is if your playgroup has a lot of white, mine didn't, but you can take out that card for another if that's the case.

Darksteel Mutation

Usually, I have mixed feelings about Darksteel Mutation. First, it feels unfair for the opponent when the spell is used onto his commander and second, because sometimes, you cannot get trough since your opponent has an indestructible creature. In this deck, we have so many creatures that having one blocked is still better than having a threat that we cannot deal with.

Honor of the Pure

A boost that targets only your creatures and only for 2. This is, to me, one of the best you can get in here. The only downside would be that it concerns only white creatures and not artifact-creatures, but that only concerns a few creatures anyway.

Banishing Light

Exiling a permanent is so much better than exiling only specific things such as creatures or enchantments. I always run that card in my white decks as it allows for a greater versatility. Some dislike those as they tend to be too fragile, but in my playgroup, enchantment removal was quite rare, so I kept on playing those kind of spells.

Glorious Anthem

Upgraded version of Honor of the Pure for only 1 more mana.

Grasp of Fate

This is basically Banishing Light but multiplied by X opponents. No need to tell you that this card will trigger some virulent hatred.

Oblivion Ring

Same as Banishing Light.

Path of Bravery

The card might seem a bit situational, and indeed, it kind of is. However, it is still good to drop as it usually does not alarm anyone, but gets you some extra health without them truly noticing. As soon as they start to realize that thanks to that card, you also get a boost, they will start taking care of it.

Armored Ascension

The card is not truly in the theme of the deck but, it won me a couple of games as, in late game, as soon as you top deck the card and put it on Brimaz, chances are, you are going to hit for 13 in the air (or even more). Since, you probably dealt damage with Brimaz earlier, you might even finish one of your opponent in one blow.

Isolation Zone


Playing control leads people to play more control and this is mainly why I added this one at the time. The thing that bothers me is that it doesn't take care of artifacts and costs 4 which usually means that this is the only spell that you will play during your turn in early/mid game.

Marshal's Anthem

This anthem is awesome. During the early game you just get +1 for 4 which is not that awesome but it is still good. As soon as you start losing some of your stuff, you can start kicking the spell and now this becomes some real card advantage. Some of the threats that your opponents hated are back for more!

Call for Unity

Call for Unity is truly sweet if you cannot get through with your tokens as it will trigger two reactions. The first one: other players don't want to lose health and will trade, making every combat more painful. The second one: just because the other players do not want you to get bigger creatures, they will let them through. Either way, that's a win/win.

Cathars' Crusade

You simply cannot do a Brimaz deck without this card. As soon as you play it, your opponents have two or three turns to deal with the enchantment and/or your board or that's a win.

Dictate of Heliod

The card is a bit expensive to cast but what makes me keep it is the flash that can truly get you a fight. Sometimes, if you've been playing along and traded some tokens from time to time like you don't even care, your opponents will never think of something like that coming. They'll declare their blockers as if you just want to get to them a little more and will realize too late that half their board is lost.

True Conviction

This card is game winning if you have a few boosted on the battlefield. Do you remember how I pointed out I like First Strike? Well, Double Strike is double the fun! If you have Brimaz, 2 tokens and 2 boosts on the battlefield. You will heal for 26 HP (since you spawn a token when attacking with Brimaz). Strangely enough, most of your opponents will not realize how powerful the enchantment is if they never saw it in action before.

Captain's Claws

The claws are a good way to populate faster. If you put it on Brimaz, you now spawn two tokens at a time, making it harder for your opponents to block all your creatures every time. If you have the card during the early game, your start should be smooth.

Pearl Medallion

Most of the cards always have a colorless mana to it, which means almost all your cards now cost 1 less, including Brimaz. The main risk though is that you get so excited that you pour out your hand just to get wrath-ed.

Swiftfoot Boots

A good way to protect Brimaz or to give haste to your spawners.

Sword of the Animist

Since you need to attack every turn with your creatures to get the best out of the deck, the sword is perfect, especially with Brimaz who is hard to deal with on the first turns. Each attack will spawn you a token and a land, which is actually quite good.

Hall of Triumph

Just like Honor of the Pure but for one mana more.

Oketra's Monument

The monument is more likely to help you early in the game. However, it gives all your creatures an added value since you will start spawning an additional creature every time you cast something. The cost reduction is an added bonus.

Spear of Heliod

One of the best boost since it gives you removal as well. The only thing is that you still have to take the blow to kill a creature, which means that if someone has a 20/20, you would need to lose a lot of health to deal with it that way.

Eldrazi Monument

This card is THE card. If you have Brimaz on the battlefield, you always spawn a creature every time you attack. Since your creatures are indestructible, flyers and have vigilance, you will be spawning at least one creature that you will be able to sacrifice to the monument every turn.

Be careful though, you feel unstoppable when playing the card but keep in mind that if your opponents do not look devastated, they have an answer. All they have to do to make your creatures non flyers and mortal is to blow the monument up, and if you go full in, you might just kill all of your guys in the process.

Caged Sun

What's better than a boost? A boost that gives you double your mana! Even though it costs a lot, all your mana abilities and X spells become way better.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant

I like both pluses a lot on Elspeth. Spawning a new guy is always good and giving a +3 and flying goes well with some creatures that would not make it otherwise when attacking.

The ultimate is hard to reach, as always, but if you make it, there's no way to lose once all of your stuff is indestructible (against decks of the same power level, obviously).

Daru Encampment

This land is not the best, but for this same reason, people always forget about it. Sometimes, they think that blocking your Brimaz with all of their creatures is a great plan, until they realize that you could boost him for just +1. This happened quite often and it feels very satisfying.

Forbidding Watchtower

The more creatures you have, the better and as I said, mono-white can be tough when it comes to card draw. So, if you have some mana open and nothing else to do, you can always turn that land into a creature with great toughness, especially when boosted.

New Benalia

Nothing too fancy, just a scry 1 that allows for a little bit of quality advantage.

Windbrisk Heights


I originally put the land because I had it and the fact that you just need to attack with three creatures is easy to reach. However, most of the cards you exile are cheap to cast and might lose you time more than anything else so I am thinking about just removing it.

Thank you for taking a look at my deck. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the deck, feel free to leave them below.

If you have cards that could bump out the maybe cards, I am all ears.


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