With eight 1 cmc creatures and eight 2 cmc creatures, all with the ability of Scry ETB, you will play a land every turn at the beginning and get to the bigger creatures faster for later mid-game... The Idol will help with mana ramp at first and then used as a mill creature mid-game... Use the Aura on Phenax to keep it alive or to untap itself for multiple mill taps... You can also use the Aura on the Aberration to double its size and mill capability with each tap... Against a creature heavy deck, the Eater will go crazy milling for 4 with every creature it removes as its possible to mill completely through their deck with repeatable taps in one turn... With 8 Wilds/Passage thinning the land from the deck and 20 Scry creatures, you should always be drawing helpful cards.


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