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This deck has a variety of compact win cons, such as Demonic Consultation effects, Brain Freeze + Lion's Eye Diamond + Underworld Breach as a last ditch effort win. But the main focal point of this deck is Doomsday. This is my first attempt at a competitive EDH deck, any criticism is very much appreciated, as I have barely any idea on CEDH

With Doomsday, there are so many different lines you can create with this deck, it's nuts. I recommend a simple line of; Gush Gitaxian Probe Lion's Eye Diamond Yawgmoth's Will and Laboratory Maniac or Thassa's Oracle for a good pile to work with, as its efficient and easy to remember the piles order. Along with this pile there is an entire Primer on Doomsday here at this tappedout link https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/the-edh-doomsday-primer/ . They did an amazing job theorizing piles and making an easy and quick guide for making conceptualizing, and executing the piles

The Animate Dead + Worldgorger Dragon loop (George loop from now on) is a very "all in" combos, relying on the board to be tapped out or everyone unable to interact, as with Silence or Grand Abolisher in effect. Without these effects, you can very much be stopped in the throes of your combo and make you have literally nothing as everything is in exile due to the loop. As can be said from the Doomsday lines, as without a way of going off unimpeded, you can be countered or have lab man/ Jace countered or killed. Without these cards for the Doomsday line, you are pretty much dead in the water. The George loop is different, as you have to have a creature in the graveyard to target with Animate Dead or Dance of the Dead or Necromancy. Breya or anything else that are in the yard can help with this problem, allowing you to stop the loop at any point to interact. George loop is weird, as you have to have a good amount of instant speed spells to help continue the combo. All in all with the Th'Oracle line, Breach, and Doomsday it began to be redundant and became just one to many combos to fit into the deck

Demonic Consultation, Plunge into Darkness, or Tainted Pact is an interesting line. As you have to have a draw effect in hand and Lab man or Jace on the field or Thassa on hand and ready. If you name something and it is in the first 6 cards, you just lose. But, unlike the other lines, you can use them to fetch up a win con, but at the chance to just lose on the spot. These are very hard to judge when or how to fire off the win cards effectively.

Underworld Breach With Lion's Eye Diamond or Lotus Petal and Brain Freeze, or the Breach Freeze combo, you are able to mill out your opponents with brain freeze's storm count after milling your deck, this is by far one of the last lines of winning, along with Angel's Grace and Ad Nauseam. With Ad Naus and Grace, you can draw your deck and cast Thassa or any other lab man effect and win then and there, provided you have the mana for it.

The multiple different lines for the deck, you can definitely use the Ashnod's Altar and Nim Deathmantle or Dramatic Reversal to make infinite mana, and be able to cast Breya and bolt the table infinitely. You could also gain infinite life, but that's different from just winning the game.

Overall the deck suffers from either hate pieces or a lot of interaction. Rule of law effects and others of the sort have a large effect on the deck. With so many different combos, there are alot of times where some cards are just dead cards in your hand. Cards like Vandalblast, Rule of Law effects like Arcane Laboratory, Rule of Law or any of those, Stony Silence, Winter Orb, Stasis, Trinisphere, Static Orb,and Rest in Peace also hose your deck. Stony Silence and Vandalblast just hose the deck, making your commander, and all of the Mana ramp just dead cards on the field, or just destroyed and sending you back to the Stone age.


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With Kamigawa Neon Dynasty coming, it's gonna be an interesting raise in the power level of certain decks. Batting around the idea of removing Wurm and working out how to deal with the crazy amount of combat going on. Final Fortune and Predict could also be interesting add-ins as well as Faithless Looting. Maybe Faithful looting? More testing is required for it.


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