Indiana Osgir, and the Temple of My Doomed Wallet.

To echo the sentiments of many others, Osgir is an exciting new take on RW. His second ability is a nice mix of my favorite elements of some of the other commanders I'm currently running- Dump stuff into the Yard and replay it for duplicated value.

My first iteration of Osgir is more so a general value with some options to cheat out Big Artifact Creatures, and an Infinite Combos to close out grindier situations. I'm still getting a feel for the deck and what it might need, but suggestions are always welcome.

A couple of obvious combo-route upgrades would be Mycosynth Lattice + Karn, the Great Creator, and/or Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Walking Ballista. At the very least, I think I can see myself picking up Karn, The Great Creator at some point, both for budgetary reasons, and also it doesn't need the support of another combo-piece to make it worth it.

My Maybe Board as currently listed are cards I currently own at least 1 copy of, but may be in my binders or another deck.

Mirror of Fate + Ugin's Nexus

Paraphrasing the write-up by Prosperity#9972 in the Osgir Discord, this combo requires that both Nexus and Mirror be in your graveyard, and that Osgir is not summoning sick.

Main Line

Step 1/Turn 1

  1. Acivate Osgir, creating 2 copies of Ugin's Nexus. One of the copies will automatically die to the Legend Rule,
  2. The 2nd Nexus will be sacrificed to Osgir's 1st ability (or additional free sac-outlet)
  3. Pass turn with 2 extra turns remaining.

Step 2/Turn 2 (Extra Turn 1)

  1. Activate Osgir, creating two copies of Mirror of Fate.
  2. Activate the first copy of Mirror of Fate, moving your library into exile.
  3. Activate the 2nd copy of Mirror. Return in order from bottom to top: Mirror of Fate, Filler card, Ugin's Nexus, Codex Shredder

: Codex Shredder on the first iteration, filler card on each iteration afterwards.

*Step 3/Turn 3 (Extra Turn 2)

  1. Draw Codex Shredder using your draw step.
  2. Play Codex Shredder and activate it targeting yourself to mill Ugin's Nexus.
  3. Proceed to loop from Turn 1.

This will create a finite loop that can be repeated for as many iterations as you have filler cards to insert into the Mirror pile, HOWEVER, you can convert it into a true infinite loop by piling in a card that can exile your own graveyard, such as Tormod’s Crypt. Codex Shredder can also be substituted for any way to get Ugin's Nexus into the graveyard without it entering the battlefield.

Line Minus Osgir

This line eliminates the need for Osgir, making it ideal for situations where there is a Drannith in play or if Osgir has been removed.

Prerequisites: Goblin Welder in play and not summoning sick, Mirror of Fate in graveyard, Ugin's Nexus in hand.


  1. Cast Ugin's Nexus.
  2. Activate Goblin Welder, sacrificing Ugin's Nexus and returning Mirror of Fate. Ugin's Nexus will go to exile as a replacement effect.
  3. Activate Mirror of Fate, sacrificing it and replacing your library with Ugin's Nexus.
  4. Pass turn with one extra turn remaining, and repeat from Turn 1.

One of the obvious and favored reasons to run Osgir, is the option to duplicate a variety of Mana rocks. This deck runs about 16 ramp-type effects, about 14 of which can be copied with Osgir. Some of my general categories of Ramp:

Zero Drops

Da Classics

Looking for Land?

Cost Reducers


  • Coveted Jewel Draw three and taps for three mana of any one color? Just make sure to sac it before your opponents swing at you.
  • Cursed Mirror A cloning effect and a mana rock? Def one of the more exciting new cards out of C21.

All the ramp in the world is irrelevant if you can't draw anything worth using all the mana on. In a similar vein as ramp, Osgir doubles up Artifacts with cantrip effects, making somewhat mediocre artifacts just a little more shiny.

Zero Drops

Both of the following are useful to cantrip and also get a peak at what an opponent might have in store.

New Friend

  • Esper Sentinel Mystic Buddy, everyone's newest friend that is appearing in every deck except Esper. Even if he gets removed, Osgir can make a couple more copies.


Effects that generally draw a card when they ETB or replace themselves when they enter a graveyard

Loot it & boot it

Draw and chuck those artifacts into the recycling bin. Effects that simultaneously keep our hands and graveyards stocked up.

Osgir may not always be online to do his thang, so it's good to pack some redunancy in effects that can help our Artifacts flipflop from hand, to graveyard, to battlefield.

I won't really repeat the Looting effects previously mentioned in the last section, but you have to keep the Yard stocked for Osgir. In this case, Sac Outlets also help keep his machine churning:


Removal, as most would broadly categorize it, is a mixture of targeted or wipe effects that destroy or exile permanents. If possible, I tried to make some effects repeatable/duplicated by Osgir.

I tend to use "Interaction" more so as an umbrella term for effects such as protection, counterspells, and similar effects that prevent opponents from interacting with our board & resources, or interacts with theirs without necessarily destroying permanents, but makes using them more challenging.


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