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When Zendikar dropped, this deck became a warrior tribal deck, evolving from the previous standard with the latest Ravnica block, and gaining some new toys. Since then another set has come in the form of Kaldheim. This set brought some lovely pieces for the warrior deck, namely our best one drop, Usher of the Fallen , but even though this deck was good, I believe this one is better. I give you, Boros Showdown.

The centerpiece of this deck is the Saga Showdown of the Skalds , and this deck seeks to exploit the amazing card drawn potential from this card and leverage the increase in board presence granted by the other chapters. So let us begin in the break down of each piece in the deck and the role they seek to provide.

Lets start off at the bottom of our curve with the aforementioned Usher of the Fallen . A 2/1 for one with an amazing boast ability that if left unchecked can secure a game winning boards state by itself. This card is what the previous warrior deck was missing, but it slots nicely into the game plan of Showdown as well. Up next is an unassuming little card known as Giant Killer . This card may very well move up in amount as the deck is played and tested as it has shown to provide great flexibility in many different matchups. Either removing a large threat, or tapping down pesky blockers, Giant Killer holds more than its share fair of weight.

Now, this deck can move between two axis depending on the match we find our selves in, and both of our two drop creatures represent opposite sides of that axis, but still work together very well. The first card is Seasoned Hallowblade , and this card represents our more aggro tilt, allowing us to put pressure onto control decks, and provide a very resilient threat should it be equipped. The second card is Shepherd of the Flock , and this card represents our more midrange tilt. Able to save key creatures, reset our showdown for a second bout of draw, provide key interactions with our other more midrange creatures, or simply beat down as a 3/1, the shepherd is a tremendously versatile asset.

Hold fast, stay strong. For the Legion!


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