Boros Samurai deck ive been working on for a while, the Mono white samurai deck i made worked well so this is its R/W brother

The main idea is to basically overpower the board quickly and efficiently, most the creatures are low cost and fast, quite a few with haste

The bushido helps beatdown in combat, and using various spells and combat trickery the battle can be won swiftly

The legendary creatures do their bit in this deck to make any creture based deck struggle to settle into its stride, constant assaults from powered up samurai or your creatures constantly swinging at a bushido army each combat isnt what you want really...

The deck may struggle against certain opponents, mainly blue control decks or creatureless decks, burn can also be a big problem, it has its flaws but it seemed a cool idea so thought id build it, it looks to be strong and its really fun to play

Looking to take it to FNM next week and see how it gets on, what do you guys think?

The sideboard is set up as well as I can to deal with the strongest modern decks, artifact hate, graveyard hate, enchantment sweepers, ffew things to power up the deck should it run into a stronger creature based deck...

Not going to rabble on anyway, upvote if you like it and comment on anything you think i should add/take away


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