While Aurelia the Warleader served me well for a long time, I've decided to switch the general of this deck to Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero. This deck is all about the three Rs; Rummaging, Recursion, and Revenge. Not enough people realize how good Boros is at recurring permanents, and how well that pairs with rummaging and wheel effects. The most important parts of this deck are the recruiters and Skullclamp. Almost everyone can agree that Skullclamp is a ridiculously powerful card, and the gameplan of this deck is to clamp and recur the recruiters to draw cards and tutor creatures. A recruiter can tutor Stoneforge Mystic, which will tutor Skullclamp. If I have a different tutor for Skullclamp already in my hand, the best thing to search for with a recruiter is Teshar. Casting any artifact or legendary spell will trigger Teshar to recur a recruiter or perhaps another small creature I rummaged away or Skullclamped. Rummaging and wheel effects help me set up my graveyard for later in the game, as well as dig through my deck faster for the pieces I need. The win conditions of this deck are several different infinite combos. Gerrard with Loyal Retainers and Goblin Bombardment deals infinite damage. Kiki Jiki and Felidar Guardian make infinite creatures with haste.I'm looking forward to seeing how Gerrard performs in EDH, but I would recommend anyone building him in any sort of "boardwipe tribal" fashion be extremely wary of spot removal.


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