My First run through with Boros and in all honestly... I actually rather enjoyed it. To make it clear I enjoy playing all sorts of magic strategies and most times aggro strategies usually end up being my least favorite(still enjoyable just not at the top of my list), due to the narrrow and linear game strategy unless its supported by some other synergy or sub theme the deck has to offer. Boros was a Colour combo that I've been thinking of dipping into to give it a shot, but it really lends itself to and all in aggro route (also prison but thought I'd be nice having just done combo elves). So at the end of the day I settled on trying an equipment theme which holy cow their is a unique feeling of suiting up a creature and smashing in like some anime MC with a myriad of weapons on them. The support pieces the Colour Combo has also gotten is really solid ranging from Stonefoge Mystic, Puresteel Paladin to Akiri, Fearless Voyager and Reyav, Master Smith. We can't also forget some of the equipment thats been printed recently to Bloodforged Battleaxe, Sword of Sinew and Steel, Shadowspear, Embercleave, and Maul of the Skyclaves are all really powerful and can close out games rather quickly. Boros Equipment offers a unique take on aggro strategies as it finally has enough pieces to make its time to shine in the spot light. I look forward to the new pieces that well be printed in future sets to further power it up and well definitely be revisiting this archetype at a later date.

Points Mana Crypt-4, Sol Ring-4, and Umezawa's Jitte-2


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