A long time ago, in a standard far, war away, there were different decks ruling the metagame. Esper Dragons, Gruul Stompy, W/U Heroic to name a few.

In that place (Theros/Khans standard), I played a rogue deck called Boros Heroic. Back then, I ran even fewer creatures and all instants with one or two sorceries. But, in a format like pioneer with way more removal, and cheaper removal at that, I have opted to go the route of enchantments. I lose some explosiveness, but gain the ability to grind and get to the later part of the game. I left some instants in for combat tricks that may give surprise blowouts.

THIS DECK IS NOT MEANT TO BE COMPETITIVE. It is a throwback that I'd love to update and optimize, while keeping it completely affordable.

That being said, I have no idea how I'm going to compete with combo decks. Unimpeded, this deck can kill insanely fast with heroic triggers and haste-giving enchantments. Maybe I just outrace them. I can also see dedicated control being a problem, but that's going to be true for any creature-centric deck.


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