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Bofa-2: The Revenge of Bofadeez.

Modern Aggro Competitive Reanimator UBR (Grixis)



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Bofa part 2: The revenge of Bofadeez...

I'm trying to make a modern deck for tournament play. I really like Lightning Skelemental, and Ball Lightning has always been one of those iconic MTG cards since its debut in The Dark. So that is part of what inspired me to make this deck the way I did...

Izzet Charm + Simian Spirit Guide is the new Faithless Looting (I guess...). While not nearly as effective, but still do-able to attack with turn 2 Lightning Skelemental. The added versatility that Izzet Charm provides could be useful too...

I'm hoping to find an answer against Leyline of the Void and whatever else I may encounter.


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