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This is my take on modern control have to buy the strands and fountains for now it is 2 glacial and 3 plains + 12 Island Replaced verdict with engulf shore Spellskite for leylines Ashiok for surgical and crypt


  1. 15 Islands. no explanation needed.
  2. Ghost Quarter is good for fighting tron and punishing people who play few basics, and can lock people out if we recur it with Noxious Revival .
  3. Blast Zone helps us deal with threats we usually cannot deal with, like enchantments or 1 drops
  4. Faerie Conclave here to spread out the damage over different cards.


  1. Delver of Secrets   helps to act as a threat and as an early blocker
  2. Thing in the Ice   Is a good sweeper, and doubles as a win-con.


  1. Isochron Scepter is a nice overall card, allowing us to have counterspells with Negate or Deprive , card recursion with Noxious Revival , creature removal with Reality Shift ( Sideboard), or bounce if we put Echoing Truth on it (Sideboard).


  1. Archmage's Charm this is a good variable card that allows us some variability.
  2. Cryptic Command is just a must have in any control deck that has blue. This deck runs only 2 becuse i can always fetch it out of the deck or recur it from the yard.
  3. Deprive . I decided to put this in because I wanted a universal counterspell to put on scepter.
  4. Disallow The last counterspell in the deck, can stop all kinds of nasty activated/triggered abilities, and that is why it was included.
  5. Dispel
  6. Echoing Truth
  7. Merchant Scroll is good for tutoring up specific instants that we need. This is no Mystical Tutor , but it works pretty well.
  8. Spell Snare is a very good and cheap counterspell. Noxious Revival Good value engine, especially put on scepter, allows you to re-use spells like Snapcaster Mage , but cheaper, andf the spell doesn't get exiled. also the card was cheaper than a playset of mages.
  9. Force of Negation is a very good free counterspell
  10. Negate another counterspell, allows us to play our discount creatures and instantly protect them, can also be put on scepter
  11. Psionic Blast can be a very helpful damage source as creature removal, or a way to win games. The 2 damage to self stacks up, but you should have the game under lockdown before it matters
  12. Reality Shift is a great creature removal spell, especially due to it exiling the opponent's card
  13. Spell Snare is a good card on the draw, and there are plenty of 2 Mana threats in modern, like SFM, Goyfs, etc.


  1. Disallow is a good and flexible counterspell
  2. Dispel used for countering removal and fight the counterspell wars
  3. Echoing Truth can be brought in for more bounce effects against aggro/token decks, as well as disrupting some combos
  4. Engulf the Shore used for bouncing large swarms of tokens
  5. Negate Just as good of a counterspell and can counter some problematic walkers
  6. Pithing Needle Is against walkers, man-lands, and other pesky abilities
  7. Ratchet Bomb helps to deal with problematic enchantments or artifacts that blue cannot take care of, or swarms of small tokens
  8. Reality Shift This is an amazing much needed exile removal in this deck against singular big creatures. can also be be put on scepter for added value.
  9. Spellskite good against bogles, redirecting removal, burn, etc
  10. Summary Dismissal Gets Brought in against control and other "can't be countered" effects, which this is effectively a counterspell to.


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