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This is a little different take on control. As it runs more creatures than normal.

Cavalier of Gales Is okay to die to board wipes, and gives you value when you play him.

Dream Eater Is a nice flash threat that you can play after a board wipe to bounce their next play. He is also value generating as with all creatures in our deck, and in a few cases can close out a game if unanswered.

Sphinx of Foresight Is great in our opening hand and if he sticks around can help us find our answers to creatures or anything else we may need.

Realm-Cloaked Giant Lastly as a 2 of since we do not have a lot of creature removal the board wipe 5 may be very useful, he is also a big closer for when you may need it. He also combos very well with Time Wipe as it lets you return him to your hand if he is out and have another board clear, the same interaction is with Teferi, Time Raveler .

These are our primary removal spells for creatures. Time Wipe is the best one in the deck since we are playing more creatures we can save our creature and kill all of theirs. We can reuse creatures such as Dream Eater , Cavalier of Gales , and sometimes Realm-Cloaked Giant while sweeping the board.

Speaking of Realm-Cloaked Giant his adventure side is what we mainly play him for, a 5th board wipe for consistency. The 7/7 part is not always relevant however, whenever we wipe the board and they don't have a follow up you can just drop this big boy.

Prison Realm We have for the when we need to answer a single creature this is our primary removal and very good in the deck.

Warrant / Warden Is not one you see often but this effect is very powerful. It deals with tokens permanently and blanking the opponents next draw step is strong. This effect on Azorious Charm was very powerful and worst case late game it's a Serra Angel that can swing in.

Teferi, Time Raveler this one is a little obvious, we can interact with troubled permanents by bouncing them while cycling to more answers. It's just good to buy us time.

Ugin, the Ineffable Believe it or not is a good removal spell with his -3 ability, doubling as a win condition with his +1 and also being card advantage.

Anticipate And Discovery / Dispersal are in here for card filtering. Finding the cards we need in the right situations is important. It is notable that we can cast Dispersal with our black sources in the few cases we need to.

Absorb is our only counter spell because it also gains life to cushion our life total early game. This may be a mistake, I may need to make room for a few Sinister Sabotage s.

Dovin, Grand Arbiter Is one you don't see much, but he provides early game blockers and life gain. If you get his ultimate it is very good for us. Dovin still needs some testing but I really like how he looks in here, we may need to take one or two out though.

Most of the lands come into play tapped but we dont mind that at all considering we are very slow. Hallowed Fountain Is our main on color dual land.

Our other on colored dual land is Tranquil Cove which may look underwhelming, but from my experience in fate reforged, it is good.

Fabled Passage Is fine even as just an evolving wilds early game. However, it shines by help us find black for Mortify , Despark , and The Elderspell out of the sideboard if needed.

Temple of Silence Is basically a plains but with a scry attached, which is very nice in a control deck.

Dismal Backwater is just an island with a life gain on it, however these help us cast the black sideboard cards.

Castle Vantress Is a one of for when we are able to pass with mana up and not use it on a spell, we have something to do with our mana.

I am still not sure about the sideboard and need to change some things up, but for now we have: Charming Prince Is to come in against aggro decks, he can block and maybe trade. If they have a fast start he can gain us life. If they are off to a slow start he can scry us to the cards that help us in the matchup.

The Elderspell Is there since so many walkers are everywhere and U/W can have problems against planeswalkers. However, it is double black and may be able to be cut to one or zero since we have Despark .

Disenchant May not be needed but is for nice for those times your opponent just has key artifacts or enchantments and you could have an out for them.

Despark Also answers most planeswalkers, however all 4 might not be needed with the 3 elderspells. This can also answer some bigger creatures anyone may have.

Lochmere Serpent Can be very strong against other control decks or bigger decks such as Big Red.

Narset, Parter of Veils Is also good in control matchups, and could be upped in numbers.

Lastly, Kaya, Orzhov Usurper I am not sure what she is in here for? Maybe graveyard decks or fast mono red decks that could run Chandra's Spitfire .

All Suggestions are welcomed! As I plan to build this deck at FNM and test it.


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