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Blue Mind Hu-Mill-iation!

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Okay... I'm making a new start here!

This deck needs to be updated. I want this deck to be as strong as possible! And maybe win a tournament! :D

So... I got some money for new cards! I still want to keep it budget, but I want to make it a lot better. And therefore, I need all the help that I can get!

I will maybe go B/U, if someone got a real damn good argument!

But. What kind of help do I need? Well... I want to make this as competitive as possible. If you have a card suggestion, please also help me to take 1 card out :D THANKS!

Lets go trough ALL the cards:

First, the pure Mill!

4x Mind Sculpt -- 7 cards -- 2 mana

4x Tome Scour -- 5 cards -- 1 mana

3x Mesmeric Orb -- 13-20 cards -- 2 mana

4x Archive Trap -- 13 cards -- 5 mana/free

4x Hedron Crab -- +9 (if it survives) -- 1 mana

-------Sort of -------

4x Thought Scour -- 2 cards -- 1 mana

2x Jace Beleren -- 20 cards (that is not often) -- 3 mana

Cards that I have considered;

Chancellor of the Spires

Dreamborn Muse

Riddlekeeper (sb?)

Memory Sluice

Sanity Grinding

Memory Erosion

Sword of Body and Mind

23 cards that will mill (if you count Thought Scour in here). That... I pretty high I think. I have listed have much they mill and how expensive they are. If you know any cards that have better milling, please let me know! (I know that Breaking / Entering mills 1 more. But that is not worth splashing black for...)

Now we will focus on the card draw!

3x Visions of Beyond

2x Jace Beleren

-------Sort of -------

4x Thought Scour

Cards that I have considered;

None really.

Visions of Beyond is so good! Ancestreal Recall anyone? :D I don't really know about Jace. Should I have the Jace, Memory Adept instead?

Then the cards that will keep me alive!

4x Fog Bank

4x Jace's Phantasm

4x Mana Leak

Cards that I have considered;

Cyclonic Rift

Devastation Tide

12 things that should keep me alive... Is that enough? I think so :D

Card advantage (I don't know what I should call this)!

4x Thought Scour

3x Shelldock Isle

3x Ghost Quarter

4x Halimar Depths

1x Oboro, Palace in the Clouds

Cards that I have considered;

Serum Visions

Temporal Mastery

I have a lot of lands, that give me card advantage, because I don't have enough space for it, in my main deck.


Updates Add

------ If you haven't seen this deck yet, you will only need to read this update!! -------

Ok...Lets make a new start. I will now delete all comments! (Omg... So many memories ;_;)

First thing I did when I saw this old deck:

-3 Island -3 Traumatize +3 Memeric Orb +3 Visions of Beyond

With these changes, my mana courve would be a lot lower. Traumatize was often a dead draw.

With Visions of Beyond, I can play all my cheap mill spells, and then play this, to draw some more :D

Memeric Orb is a game winner. It usaually mills for 13-20... For 2 mana. Of course, it will mill myself! But, that is the risk for such a great card. I'm planning on going 4x Memeric Orb. Good or bad!?

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-2 Jace, Memory Adept maybe
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