Dynavolt Demon

Modern Pan163


SNM (Saturday Night Magic) —Feb. 24, 2018

Due to my current schedule, Friday nights are a no-go, but fortunately my closest active LGS has Saturday night Standard events. Lucky me!

Round 1: vs. Blue-Green Merfolk (Result: 2-0)

My opponent had manageable starts both games, demonstrating that Merfolk isn't quite as fast as some of its aggro contemporaries. A few well-timed Bontu's Last Reckonings helped the match swing in my favor, though game two was somewhat close.

Round 2: vs. Red-Green Dinosaurs (Result: 0-2)

Not much to say about these games - the first one I lost by playing around a nonexistent Carnage Tyrant, and the second one I lost through fairly severe mana-screw. Oh well! These things happen.

Round 3: vs. Mono-Green Rhonas Monument (Result: 2-1)

I can actually barely remember this match, even though it was the only one that went three games and it only happened three hours ago. All I remember is that I lost the second game due to more mana-screw.

Round 4: vs. Mono-Greeh Rhonas Monument again (Result: 2-0)

Two pulse-pounding games in which my Dynavolt Tower really pulled its weight, giving me much-needed instant speed removal against terrifying Rhonas's Monument triggers. Not sure how different this opponent's deck was from the last, but for whatever reason, it felt tougher to play against.

Final result: 3-1

Overall, I'm fairly satisfied in the deck's performance, my only losses being to poor luck. I think I'll give it a few more weeks before trying out something new. Still haven't gotten to resolve a Demon of Dark Schemes!