Now that I'm getting back into Standard, I'm taking a look at what mechanics are going to rotate soon, and what last few things I might get to do with them. Obviously, one of the biggest additions of the Kaladesh block was Energy, and with the banning of Attune with Aether, any kind of green Energy deck (green being my go-to color) is less attractive. I was trying to decide what else I could do with Energy as I went through my cards from Kaladesh, and I noticed a foil version of Demon of Dark Schemes and thought, "Hey, I have this foil mythic here, let's build a deck around it!" Which has led me to this list here.

The base of the deck is a normal blue-black control plan: kill, counter, draw, win-con. It's helped along the way by Dynavolt Tower and other energy-based cards to get extra bang for each card. And speaking of each card, let's talk about each card.

Die Young: Basic, early removal and energy generation. It's no Fatal Push, but it fits the theme.

Aether Meltdown: Some much-needed early-game anti-aggro answers. Three more in sideboard for aggro matchup.

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner: A fantastic early threat, but it's primarily useful as an early Energy and card generator. I think anyone familiar with Standard knows why this card is good.

Dynavolt Tower: One of the central pieces of the deck, and a big incentive for the Energy theme.

Live Fast: Another self-explanatory card. Cards and energy. This and the Siphoner actually tend to cut into my life total more than I'd like, which is something I might think about trying to alter or tone down.

Supreme Will: Multi-mode cards have a good track record in this game, and this is no exception. Mana leak or card-searching, versatile and useful.

Disallow: It never hurts to have some variety in your counterspells.

Bontu's Last Reckoning: It's no control deck without a board-wipe, right? Depending on the local meta and other factors, I might consider bumping this up or putting in other board-wipes, since I worry about this deck's matchup against aggro. One more copy in the side.

Never / Return: Speaking of adjustments, I'm considering dumping this for more early-game removal, but I really like being able to get rid of Planeswalkers as easily as creatures. Having a bit of graveyard control never hurts either.

Glimmer of Genius: Another card with a very good Standard track record, needing no explanation.

Aethertide Whale: The big finisher. This card is basically impossible to permanently remove without a lot of effort on the part of the opponent. Having a constant source of Energy in the late game to fuel whatever I want combined with the comedy factor of actually playing this card make it a pretty solid piece of the deck.

Demon of Dark Schemes: Only really justifiable as a one-of, given its casting cost and relatively situational nature, but hey, I only had one copy of it anyway. Haven't had as much success with this as with the Whale, but its a daunting threat with even more graveyard control to boot.


Commit / Memory: An addition for control when the game could go super-long.

Confiscation Coup: I couldn't very well play an Energy-based control deck without this, could I? Plenty of solid targets in current Standard.

Essence Extraction: Tossup between this and Walk the Plank, but I have full-art copies of this thing! More good anti-aggro stuff.

Insidious Will: You never know!

Lost Legacy: For The Scarab God, probably.

Negate: Now this is the kind of sideboarding I like - nice, honest 4-ofs. For other control decks.

Suggestions welcome!


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Had a great day; went 4-0!

Round 1: vs. Blue-Green Pummeler (2-0)

An interesting take on the Electrostatic Pummeler decktype for sure, but enough handy removal and Aethertide Whales helped me get both games. Scary to play against!

Round 2: vs. Abzan Midrange (2-0)

My opponent couldn't get a fast enough start going in either game, and by the time he was playing threats, I was ready for them 100% of the time. Demon of Dark Schemes did particularly well in this match, snagging, among other things, a Ravenous Chupacabra during the second game.

Round 3: vs. Jeskai Control (2-1)

By far the most nail-biting match of the night, I lost game one to an Approach of the Second Sun, and my second and third-game Lost Legacys both whiffed when I tried to name it - clever opponent! However, once again Demon of Dark Schemes absolutely destroyed, stealing my opponent's Torrential Gearhulk in game two and effectively winning me the game right then and there. Game three, I found a copious amount of my sideboarded Negates (all four!) which allowed an Aethertide Whale to operate with impunity and take a very close third game. A very fun control mirror.

Round 4: vs. Mono-Red Aggro (2-0)

Unfortunately less eventful than my previous match. In the first game, my opponent couldn't competently curve and put down a string of 1/1s that couldn't chip away at my life total fast enough, leaving me plenty of time to stabilize and win. Once again, Dynavolt Tower felt right at home in a control deck. In game two, my anti-aggro sideboard worked perfectly against my opponent's aura-heavy hand.

All in all, a fun weekend! I'm especially happy that Demon of Dark Schemes had so many chances to steal games. I think next weekend I'll try out one of my other decks I have brewing up.


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