Super-aggresive black deck designed to swarm the field, hit hard and hit fast while utilizing a lot of bleeding effects.

Mardu Shadowspear: A paltry 1/1 body but with a nice bleed effect, dealing damage even if it doesn't get through.

Bloodsoaked Champion: A recurring little asshole 2/1 for one. Can't block, don't care.

Mardu Skullhunter : Passable 2/1 body with the bonus of causing my opponent some card disadvantage.

Spiteful Returned : Admittedly bad stats, great bleeding effect like Mardu Shadowspear. Also, bestow if needed; actually, a turn three Master of the Feast followed by a turn four bestowed Spiteful Returned is very, very scary.

Pain Seer : Basic 2/2 bear, with an inspired ability that grants me extra cards to keep the pain coming.

Mardu Strike Leader : 3/2 for three is whatever, but making a 2/1 every time it attacks is frickin' sweet. Dash adds even more utility to this guy, letting me sneak in some free damage and make a dude if the field is open.

Mogis's Marauder : At worst this guy is an intimidating hasty 2/2 for three; that alone is decent, as Black doesn't exactly get much haste (I will miss you, Rakdos Shred-Freak ). At best, he grants everyone on the field haste and conditional evasion, usually getting around 8 or more damage in and often enough to end the game.

Master of the Feast: 5/5 flyer for three?! Yes please! Yeah he gives my opponent free cards, but he should kill them before they make much use of those cards.

Brutal Hordechief: 3/3 for four? Meh. 3/3 for four who lets all my attackers bleed my opponent for 1 AND heal me for 1? Now we're talking!

Bile Blight: Kills troublesome low drops, and brings bigger guys trying to block down to killable size. Also gets rid of token swarms.

Hero's Downfall: Kills creatures and, perhaps more importantly, Planeswalkers that could give me a hard time, like Kiora, the Crashing Wave or Sorin, Solemn Visitor.


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