Hello fellow Planeswalkers, today I am showcasing a deck that looks to play suspend cards for free and tempo our opponents out of the game in doing so. We look to get huge value with As Foretold, Bloodbraid Elf and Electrodominance. Check out Foretold Bloodbraid Dominance!

As stated above, we are looking to generate value and tempo our opponent out of the game playing spells for free with As Foretold, Bloodbraid Elf and Electrodominance. These cards are able to cast suspend cards with no mana cost for absolutely free! So, here's the game plan!

  • Restore Balance is a card we will want to cast for free when we are low on cards in hand. This card pairs amazingly well with our wincon, Greater Gargadon. Suspend Gargadon, float some mana, sac some lands and cast Restore Balance to really hurt our opponents.

  • Greater Gargadon is perfect in this deck for reasons stated above, but another great advantage it has is within suspend. When a creature is cast from suspend, it gains haste. If they were hit with at least one Bloodbraid Elf or even a shockland, this puts them on a 2 turn clock.

  • Ancestral Vision is perfect for filling our hand with cards after we have restored balance.

  • Lotus Bloom can make for some explosive turns, but more often is useful as a mana contingency plan after we nuke our own lands.

  • Tolaria West can be used for blue mana in a pinch, but is best used as a tutor for As Foretold and Electrodominance targets.

We have some early and midgame support to help our plan along.



Remand is a special case here, acting as both a temporary counterspell AND a cantrip. It helps aid us in drawing the cards we need and slowing down our opponent's strategy.

In summary, this deck's plan:

  1. Slow down our opponent in the early game.

  2. Look to cast As Foretold, Bloodbraid Elf and Electrodominance to cast mana costless suspend cards for free.

  3. Suspend a Greater Gargadon, blow up our own lands to reduce the number of suspend counters, then cast Restore Balance to really hurt our opponents.

  4. Use cards like Ancestral Vision and Lotus Bloom to refuel.

  5. Repeat 2-4.

  6. Win with beats from Greater Gargadon and Bloodbraid Elf or even a Lightning Bolt.

I hope everyone enjoys this deck. It was super fun to play online, sos I encourage you to give it a try! If you have any questions/suggestions, drop a comment below!


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