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Bump in the Night; 3 damage for 1, never can go wrong with that.

Brimstone Volley ; great burn with awesome morbid trigger ability.

Dreadbore; Amazing kill spell anti super friends or and deck with planeswalkers in it, plus its a great creature kill spell in general.

Falkenrath Aristocrat; works wonders with Thatcher Revolt

Hellrider ; with the rise of rakdos rush decks, this card came out of nowhere.

Pillar of Flame ; 1 drop burn and removal. Helps things like me play rakdos or things cost less when hes in play.

Searing Spear ; best burn spell in standard. If better burn comes out its going in.

Stromkirk Noble ; puts on the early game pressure and he gets bigger the longer he's out on the field.

Thatcher Revolt ; too feed Falkenrath Aristocrat

Thundermaw Hellkite; great turn 5 card, taps any fliers, so you can deal alot of damage fast. Also amazing against tokens.

Tragic Slip; good kill spell against big thing since creatures always die.

Vampire Nighthawk; best. reprint card. ever.

Vexing Devil; Either they take the damage or let me have a 4/3.


Bonfire of the Damned; great for clearing the field for me to attack.

Rakdos Charm; a very versatile card with responses to artifacts reanimate deck and tokens.

Rakdos's Return ; great against mirrors and contol. clears their hands of any responses

Slaughter Games Shuts down any combo decks or get rid of any threats their decks have.

Appetite for Brains; gets rix of big threats or planesWalkers

Duress; goof against control so you can clear their hand of anything you,need.


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On another note, considering putting in Ravenous Demon  Flip any thoughts?


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