Blood for the Blood God!!!

Heya! This is my brew of Awaken the Blood Avatar as the Commander! Directly when the card was revealed I knew I had to make a deck for it and I believe going heavy into token generation and damage increasing effects is a good way to go!


  • Bitterblossom Just for 1 and a black we have a strong token generator available as early as round 1 if lucky! Even better that the tokens are flying aswell for some added early protection.
  • Dreadhorde Invasion Another cheap enchantment that will create one token a turn as long as we dont already have a zombie army around. Most effective is to sac it as soon as possible with any of our many sac outlets.
  • Luminarch Ascension Amazing generator which will be most reliant to get going sooner than later. Just for 1 and white we get a 4/4 angel token. Rather keep it as a beater if possible.
  • Outlaws' Merriment A bit more mana intensive than the others; it's still quite an effective generator creating a couple of stronger tokens with nice effects. Especially the Rogue with the ETB damage effect!
  • Assemble the Legion The strongest chaff machine in the deck! It gets really out of hand if left alone a couple of turns quickly swarming the board with value!


  • Legion Warboss Creates a token the same round it enters the battlefield if not removed and also creates one each of your combat phases thereafter! Also has the beneficial effect of Mentor! Nice with Krenko :)
  • Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin Speaking of the Goblin! Krenko is a real threat able to snowball really fast if left unchecked! Both powering himself up and calling more of his boys the stronger he gets!
  • Ophiomancer Awesome card! Creates a 1/1 Snake with deathtouch at the beginning of each upkeep as long as you dont control another snake! Just sac them as soon u get them for some value!
  • Weaponcraft Enthusiast Cost effective dude that generates 2 Servos. Useless 0/1 body but that makes him perfect fuel for our Blood God!
  • Sengir Autocrat 3 and a black for 4 weak bodies ready for the chopping block! Perfect!
  • Chittering Witch Quite similar to the Autocrat, this lovely witch calls forth a bunch of rats with her! Also she is an sac outlet to get rid of indestructible creatures, and weaker foes aswell!
  • Ogre Slumlord Creates Rats of ALL non-token creatures dying on the battlefield! Insane! Also blesses the Rats with rabies giving them all Deathtouch!
  • Elspeth, Sun's Champion Stronkest token Planeswalker!


  • Secure the Wastes Cost effective X white token spell! Also instant speed!
  • Sram's Expertise Really neat card for 2 and 2 white you get three 1/1 Servos and get to cast a card with CMC 3 or less for free from your hand!
Here's list of goodstuff cards, especially the Damage Pump effects and ETB damage effects that will our opponents bleed out from all our tokens entering the meatgrinder for the Blood Avatar!

  • Anointed Procession First of we have if not the most important card in the deck! Doubling all our token generating effects cannot be overstaded!
  • Elenda, the Dusk Rose An amazing card, caring about ALL dying creatures and getting stronger of their blood aswell! When she finally will sucumb she will be avenged by X amount of tokens!
  • Fiery Emancipation Tripling all our sources of Damage! 9 damage for each Avatar just for attacking? Yes please! 6 damage for each creature entering the battlefield through Purphoros, God of the Forge ? Hell yeah!
  • Fury Storm The deck is all about token generation to be able to cast our Commander Sorcery as many times as possible, so this card will be stellar in this type of deck!
  • Impact Tremors A small ping of 1 damage might seem trivial at first... but will quickly grow deadly since the din of "hundreds" of footfalls of tokens will be heard on the battlefield soon enough!
  • Purphoros, God of the Forge If 1 damage isn't enough... how about 2!
  • Vicious Shadows Ouch.... EACH time a creature goes to the graveyard we get to ping an opponent for the amount of cards in their hand! This is bloody brutal!
We are in black so we sure have to put in some strong recursion cards!

  • Animate Dead Super strong enchantment to be able to bring back a creature from any graveyard!
  • Auramancer I really want a recursion option for all our important enchantments in the deck which are quite a few!
  • Necromancy Same as Animate Dead
  • Phyrexian Reclamation An awesome recursion enchantment! 1 and a black plus ping self for 2 life is a small price to pay for getting back any of our priced creatures!
  • Reanimate Super cheap and insanely strong spell! Can be used to steal something scary from an opponents graveyard aswell!
  • Victimize Put two useless tokens to the chopping block for glorious value, giving the gift of life back to the more deserving! >:D
Wont list most of the "generic" card draw engines here but give a quick word of the more specific cards that I put in here.

  • Court of Grace A token generator that also makes us Monarch for hopefully a turn! So we get to at least draw one card extra!
  • Flamekin Herald Cascade will be bonkers in this deck since the Commander Sorcery has CMC 8 even if we most often will cast it for RB! So we will be able to cast any of our cards in the deck for free regardless!
  • Idol of Oblivion A cheap simple card draw engine which will grant us 1 extra card a turn almost every time!
  • Mentor of the Meek Almost all our tokens and a lot of our creatures are power 2 or less making this card a real asset!
  • Smothering Abomination An insane card draw engine in this type of deck!
As before I just wanted to mention a couple of the cards here that are a bit interesting in synergy with the theme of the deck!

  • Furnace Celebration This enchantment works wonders in tandem with Ashnod's Altar which we sac a creature for 2 and with that mana we use the ability of Furnace Celebration for "free"! So as long as we have a creature to sac to the burning machine we can ping any target for 2!
  • Ghired's Belligerence The most effective way to use this (if our opponents doesn't also just have a lot of 1/1 chaff around) is to kill our weak 1 thougness tokens to Populate for each token we kill! Just imagine the amount of bloodcrazed Avatars you can get with a chunk of treasures and mana around!
  • Goblin Bombardment Unlike Furnace Celebration this one is its own sac outlet pinging any target for 1 as long as we have willing "projectiles" to load it with!
  • Juri, Master of the Revue Juri gets bigger for each of our tokens we empty for blood! And when it's his turn he will make our oppenents feel his pain.
  • Mayhem Devil A beloved card in most Aristocrat decks. Everytime a creature is sacrificed it will ping any target for 1.
  • Szat's Will We will only ever be able to choose one of the effects but most of the time we will use it for the second effect! Exiling ALL opponents graveyards AND getting X 0/1 tokens depending on the strongest creature we exiled is nothing to sneeze at.
  • Dictate of Erebos Super evil card in this deck! We will have so many bodies to sac in so many ways so the battlefield will be a barren, wasteland most of the time...
  • Mob Rule If we now have emptied our blood bank of tokens... or just need MORE we cast this to put our opponents creatures to good use!

Anyways hope you guys like it and are as stoked as I am about this new Commander! Input and criticism is appreciated!

Cheers! // TerraBlaze


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