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Blood Artist Sacrifice Deck (Turn 1 Win)

Legacy Combo Infinite Combo Mono-Black Zombie


Mono black sacrifice deck based around Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat's abilities. Basically trying to get as many copies of them out on the battlefield at once, and then sacrificing as many of my other creatures as possible to win via life loss.

There are a few infinite combos in the deck, giving it the potential to win as early as turn 1 with the right hand. If the combo goes perfectly, it would go as so:

The 7 Cards I need in my hand are:

The turn would go as so:

Play Swamp, tap it, play Dark Ritual, use 2 of that mana to play Carnival of Souls, use the other 1 mana to play Gravecrawler, when he enters I get 1 mana from Carnival of Souls, use that 1 mana to play Culling the Weak sacrificing Gravecrawler (I now have 4 mana floating from the Culling the Weak). From there I just play the rest of my hand (Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat, and Carrion Feeder), then cast Gravecrawler from the graveyard (because Carrion Feeder is a zombie). After that all I have to do is sacrifice Gravecrawler to Carrion Feeder and cast him infinitely from my graveyard, because his casting cost is refunded every time he comes into play with Carnival of Souls, and Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat nullify my life loss from him entering each time I sacrifice him, and they also make the opponent lose 1 life every time he dies, and that's how I win, through life loss. Carrion Feeder also gets infinite +1/+1 counters, but that doesn't really matter, it's just as side-effect of the combo.

I can also win on turn 1 with a similar hand, but it involves drawing 2 of the same card so it's a little less common, but it can still happen. That hand is:

For this one, you would first play your Swamp, then tap it for your first Dark Ritual, use 2 of that mana to play Carnival of Souls, and use the last 1 to play the second Dark Ritual. From there it doesn't really matter what order you play it in, as long as you use the Entomb to search for Gravecrawler and put it in your graveyard, the 3 black mana from the second Dark Ritual is all you need to play the rest of your hand with the Carnival of Souls in play, refunding you 1 black mana every time a creature comes into play. the reason you need 2 rituals for this is because you drew Entomb instead of Gravecrawler, so you don't have anything to sacrifice for a Culling the Weak like in the first version of the combo.

It can also win with a similar combo on turn 2 with Phyrexian Altar, this combo allows for a lot more deviance and doesn't need a specific 7 cards like the turn 1 combo does. That combo goes as so:

Turn 1: Play a Swamp, tap it, play Dark Ritual, use 2 of that mana to play Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat, use the other 1 mana to play Gravecrawler.

Turn 2: Play another Swamp, tap it to play Culling the Weak, sacrificing the Gravecrawler. Then use 3 of the 4 mana from that to play Phyrexian Altar. Then use the last 1 mana from the Culling the Weak to play either of the 1 drop zombies in the deck (Carrion Feeder or another Gravecrawler). Then finally, you can use your second Swamp to play the Gravecrawler that you sacrificed with the Culling the Weak from the graveyard, now that you control another zombie. Now all you have to do is sacrifice the Gravecrawler to the Phyrexian Altar to add 1 black mana to your mana pool, your opponent loses one life and you gain 1 life from the Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat, and then you can use that 1 black mana to play Gravecrawler again from your graveyard, because you still control another zombie. You can repeat this cycle infinitely, similarly to the Carnival of Souls combo, effectively making any number of opponents lose infinite life and you gain infinite life, thus winning the game on turn 2.

Obviously it doesn't go that way every time, more often than not I end up winning on turn 3-4, but it can happen. There's a couple forms of card draw/cycling in the deck to increase the chances of getting the essential combo pieces, but if the combo doesn't come out you can still chip down the opponent's life pretty quickly by stacking Blood Artists and Zulaport Cutthroats and sacrificing stuff. Doomsday can get pretty out of control here too, especially if I get it out with a Dark Ritual on turn 1, essentially letting me draw all my combo pieces ASAP, putting the game on a 1-2 turn clock. I'll usually stack my 5 Doomsday cards with Infernal Contract on the top, and whatever combo pieces i'm missing, combined with either of the mana source cards I would need to cast them underneath. This lets me draw all 5 of the cards from Doomsday on the next turn, as I draw the Infernal Contract, then cast it to draw the other 4 cards. This is how it ends up playing out more often than not, and in this deck it is a devastating combo, because even if I have only 1 or even none of my combo pieces in play or in my hand, it just lets me draw and play all of them, if I play it right. And it literally doesn't matter that i'm paying half my life twice, and that my library is 100% empty, as I am going to win right then and there anyway.

Any advice on what you think should be added, or taken out is welcome. Looking for any suggestions to make the deck work better. Give me your suggestions plz!


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