Blex, Vexing Pest   and his other half, Search for Blex head up this experimental take on golgari spells. Blex is there to buff the tokens we generate when we need to, and his back half is there to help dig for cards otherwise, giving the card some decent utility.

Life from the Loam also serves additional utility for this deck, as it not only allows you to fill you graveyard with things/dig through the library, but it lends itself to multiple casts per turn allowing for more cast/copy interactions per turn.

We're running some token doubling effects so that we get more bang for our buck when we generate those pests and zombies, for maximum swarm potential.

Depending on your playgroup, this can be played as a combo line deck where you focus on tutoring out your components, or as a synergetic token aggro deck with spell support. Still extremely rough

Input would be appreciated.

Big token zerg rush

Big Mana + Exsanguinate / Torment of Hailfire = Ouch

Sac loop combo + card:Aetherflux = Life Cannon

Make a lot of pest tokens and them mass execute them


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