Legendary Dragon Combo

These Combos abuse the Legendary rule and the Bladewing the Risen ETB trigger for returning a dragon from the graveyard. The Combo generates an infinite loop of Bladewing the Risen entering the game which trigger other cards for damage dealing. Combo pieces can be exchanged.

Bladewing the Risen + Dragon Tempest + Twinflame

Bladewing the Risen + Heat Shimmer + Scourge of Valkas

Worldgorger Dragon Combo

These Combos abuse the exile effect of Worldgorger Dragon. Combined with recursion auras this card can create an infinite loop of Dragon ETB effects or infinite mana. For both effects there are wincons in the deck to use. The ETB loops are three card combos and cards can be exchanged.

Animate Dead + Dragon Tempest + Worldgorger Dragon

Necromancy + Scourge of Valkas + Worldgorger Dragon

There is a possibility to play the infinite Worldgorger Dragon combo without the ETB damage trigger. In this scenario tap all lands before going to exile and they will return untapped. With the infinite mana you can play your Commander Bladewing the Risen an infinite number of times. With Phyrexian Altar in play there is a sac-outlet and with Bogardan Hellkite or Kokusho, the Evening Star in your graveyard you can ping for infinite damage using the graveyard retrieval effect of the Commander.

'Infinite' Draw and Discard Combo

Using Phyrexian Altar + Underworld Breach + Waste Not combined with cards like Wheel of Fortune and punishment like Megrim can be used almost infinite to kill your opponents. There are plenty alternative wheel cards in the deck and also more then enough draw or discard hate to let this combo work. Or maybe kill them with a horde of 2/2 zombies with haste if you like.


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