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Black Green Gain/Drain Midrange WIP

Modern BG (Golgari)


Update: Hello I originally built this deck during a sealed play with friends and liked it so I wanted to update the deck to the format I play the most which is modern. I want a gain/drain midrange deck which was the original design but flew off track when I kept adding/removing and somehow ended up with way more than what I originally had in the 40 card sealed deck I built and was actually aiming for a 60 card deck.

I know it’s definitely a hot mess atm but that’s why I’m hoping with some advice I’ll be able to bring this deck back on track and have another fun modern deck to play besides my main.

The Ideal Budget on the deck can vary as I’m open to adding more modern staple cards/lands if need be but just might take longer as my other deck has been costly to build atm.


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