Welcome to "Birgi: Is it Group Hug?"

On this episode, we discuss the compatibility of group hug with mono red - while still having some ways to win, of course.

First, we should discuss: is mono-red really group-hug compatible? Long story short, not really! But we still get some cool, huggable artifacts that can encourage our friends not to hate us.

First up in the combo department, give a round of applause to Coercive Recruiter + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker for infinite tokens and ETB effects!

Secondly, we have Mana Geyser + Reiterate ! So long as our opponents have 7 or more tapped lands, we get infinite red mana and an infinite storm count! Use it with Grapeshot or Jaya's Immolating Inferno to throw damage in our opponents' faces

Cards to come:

Grinning Ignus, Helm of Awakening, Horn of Greed, Vandalblast, Mana Flare and Gate to the AEther

If you have any suggestions on how to make this deck less terrible and more huggy, or any ideas about cool combos that don't feel horrific to play against, hit up the comments section!


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