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Big Lizard in My Backyard




This is a semi-casual Dragon tribal deck. Tribal decks are definitely what I'm into, and I've toyed with the idea of dragons before, but I never could make them work as they were all too large and to slow to bring out. This deck focuses on four and five mana cost creatures to make the deck perform faster.

  • Ruby Medallion & Dragonlord's Servant - These cards help to accelerate the rest of the deck and make a turn 3 or turn 4 dragon possible (if not probable).

  • Pyroclasm, Lightning Bolt, Dragon Tempest, & Draconic Roar - This is all creature control to help clear the board until I can actually land a dragon or two. Yes, the deck would be significantly better with more bolts in general, but that's pretty well true of any red deck. I'm not trying to make it the best deck ever, but a fairly consistent semi-casual tribal deck that is on par with the rest of my decks.

Card Draw and Enchantment/Artifact Removal:

As the decks I make are casual and do not have sideboards, any deck tries to conform to two stipulations: it must be able to deal with artifacts/enchantments (preferably at least two cards) and it should also have some element of card draw. Both of these features should attempt to stay on theme whenever possible.

  • Dragon's Hoard - This particular card fulfills the card draw component. It gives a little acceleration as well.

  • Steel Hellkite - It's normally difficult to find an on-theme answer to artifacts and enchantments that is viable. Finding one in red? Well, that's impossible. Luckily, there's an artifact dragon that fits the bill, and it also takes out critters and planeswalkers as well. That's hard to beat. If he cost 5 mana, I think I'd run more of him in the deck.

Win Conditions:

Win conditions generally consist of minimizing the opponent's board state and then beating them to death with evasive flyers. Balefire Dragon & Scourge of Valkas can help clear the opponent's board state, while Moonveil Dragon can help go wide if the game stalls out.

Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker could (and should) probably be replaced with another dragon, but:

  • He's on theme

  • I actually own the card.

  • I never use planeswalkers

For those reasons, he got a nod in the deck.

11/9/18 - Removed Avarice Dragon and replaced with Dragon's Hoard. Also adding Verix Bladewing to speed things up a bit.


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