This is my personal favorite and first deck it stared as the simple graveyard deck trying to self mill and get huge creatures like Splinterfright that style of deck is extremely inconsistent and weak to any graveyard hate so it shifted into a combo style deck while still incorporating graveyard i had this deck built for a while but started to tune it up had lots of inspiration from Sakuma and his jarad deck i've focused less on tutors and made it lower power but still strong it can be upgraded by adding more tutors and expensive lands and ramp but i enjoy it in its current state.:)

The main win cons of the deck : Triskelion and Phyrexian Devourer in the yard and Necrotic Ooze in play.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Triskelion in play

Phyrexian Devourer in yard with Necrotic Ooze and Jarad in play

Lord of Extinction in play with Jarad

Phyrexian Devourer and Jarad in play

The deck plays pretty simply if you know the combos and the Protean Hulk line if you waned to lower the power level just remove tutor and add more card draw if anyone has any questions or suggestions leave it in the comments and ill respond asap! :)


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