This deck revolves around Wilderness Reclamation . This enchantment allows you to cast ridiculously large instants and sorceries as early as turn 5.

Remember, if you have Wilderness Reclamation on the battlefield on turn 4, you can cast a 10 mana spell at your end step of turn 5. That's an Explosion X=6, Electrodominance x=8, or a Nexus of Fate .

While Wilderness Reclamation allows you to cast Addendum spells without going shields down, this list is not white (Explosion is really good) so you are limited to basically Precognitive Perception . Precognitive Perception is also an extremely clunky card, and comes with its own share of issues. Hence it is not in this deck.

Growth Spiral is an all star in this deck. Casting it is mana neutral if you do it before Wilderness Reclamation untaps if you have a land in hand. Additionally, turn 2 Growth Spiral leads to turn 3 Wilderness Reclamation.

Wilderness Reclamation also provides mana fixing for instants. All you really need is one of each color source, though clearly blue is the most important here.

Additionally, you can easily get both halves of a Jump Start card cast. This card allows you to produce absolutely ridiculous quantites of mana in the mid game, as long as you can cast your spells at instant speed.

As you may have noticed, the mainboard contains no creatures or planeswalkers (except the 1 of Hydroid Krasis, which is an easy cut). This means that your opponent is basically obligated to side out all their removal, or at least enough of it for you to activate the transformational sideboard: cheating out gigantic monsters via Electrodominance . Karn(age Tyrant) and Negate are great against control, Gift of Paradise accompanies Lyra Dawnbringer against burn.

Honestly, the transformational sideboard plan works against anyone you suspect is about to swap their removal out.

For Magic Arena players: This deck's main plan was not Nexus of Fate. That's a very helpful value card, but ultimately you can easily replace it. Just main deck your Gift of Paradise, some red removal, or run Blink of an Eye


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