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My personal infect deck. Only need 1 Inkmoth Nexus and 2 Skithiryx to round off the deck.

Go for the Throat: For 1B, you have Terminate all over again. Need more explanation?

Groundswell : The premium finisher for this deck. This card pumps and pumps extremely well. I'd be insane not to put this card in. I remember I actually considered Mirran Mettle for this deck.

Hand of the Praetors : Recently I subbed these out for the Phyrexian Vatmother s. These do their job very well, but they have become more fragile.

Ichorclaw Myr : Check out Groundswell . This ties with Plague Stinger for the best Infect Creature In Standard. This has actually won me more games than Plague Stinger.

Infiltration Lens: One of the main problems with aggro decks is card advantage. This changes everything, which really helps.

Inkmoth Nexus: Instant 4 in an infect deck.

Livewire Lash: Sure, expensive, but pump and reach at the same time? Priceless.

Necropede : A great card. This clears blockers with it's -1/-1 counter it leaves and it's very efficient.

Phyrexian Crusader: Why did they print Go for the Throat? This card. It has protection from the removal colors and consistently strikes above it's weight.

Plague Myr Ramps n' provides a body to stick on pump spells. I've been impressed more often than not.

Plague Stinger: Ties with Ichorclaw Myr for best infect in standard. You can overload this with pump and your opponent just dies.

Prey's Vengeance : Rebound is extremely useful. Miniscule pump, but rebound solves that problem.

Vines of Vastwood: I like this card. This is one of the best pump in standard. Only problem? GG really messes this up.

Virulent Swipe : Sometimes you just have a Wall of Denial, Wall of Tanglecord , or Wall of Wood in front of you. This solves everything.


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