I've worked on this deck for almost a year while not playing at all during the pandemic. Spent a lot of money on cards but I feel like it's still a mess. In theory, it's token tech, with lots of options for sacrificing and then turning that into mana or creature destruction or life loss against other players. Seems like lots of ways to win but not much focus. I'd appreciate thoughts on how to tune this beast. In particular, I have no idea what the meta is doing right now or where Vampires fits. My local scene is not cEDH, but serious casual. We like to have fun and if somebody wins on turn 4 it's not the end of the world but kinda uncool. Having said that, it's possible this deck can combo out on t4...


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Legion's Landing and Rise of the Dark Realms are out. Phyrexian Arena and Wheel of Fortune are in. I think I'll likely take Bloodline Keeper back out again once Pact of the Serpent is available. That card was made for this deck!


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