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Hello and thanks for checking out my Ezuri deck!!!

This deck is based on some themes as laid out on the main deck page:

  • Counters (+1/+1, -1/-1, proliferate, etc.) - really anything that helps with the counters synergy in the deck, which also happens to be a major win condition

  • Small Creatures (2 or less power AND 3 or less CMC to go with Ezuri and Aluren) - these creatures synergize with my commander, help get me to a couple of my win conditions and allow some general trickery as well!

  • Ramp (ramp cards, mana dorks, and anything to get ahead in mana) - there are a bunch of mana dorks, mana doubling effects, and just really efficient ways to get more mana than your opponents

  • Elf Synergy - there are a bunch of elves and some of them synergize with each other for value/effective combos

  • Flash (cards that have or enable flash) - there are a variety of cards that enable me to utilize flash; it isn't necessary for this mechanic to be working for me to win, but it certainly speeds things up for me if I can keep flashing in small creatures on other player's turns, then cash in those experience counters on Ezuri right before my combat step

  • Protection/targeted removal - pretty self-explanatory, as these are cards that either protect me or my board state/creatures

  • Tutor - there are only three tutors, with one being not REALLY a tutor (Kinnan), but one is a recurring tutor (fauna)

  • Value - cards that either generate or take advantage of the value offered by certain cards or synergies in the deck

  • Card draw - cards that put me ahead in card advantage (other than runes and sylvan)

  • Infect - cards with infect or that give infect to creatures

  • WinCon - these are the cards that enable me to win either by utilizing the many counters I have, or going wide and using mass pump and/or evasion; either of these with extra turns should ensure a win

Thanks for checking out my deck and suggestions are always appreciated!!!!


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