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This deck feels pretty unstoppable. mogg raider and goblin sledder make interacting with your board really hard for opponents and you throw a ridiculous amount of damage at their face very very quickly. Has felt p strong into other meta decks like fae and familiars

Deck Tech:

The Lackeys:
The deck has plenty of cheapy and easy goblins like Goblin Arsonist, Mogg War Marshal, Kuldotha Rebirth which apply early pressure and give help to our foremen. Experimental Synthesizer is a pet fave card and it works nicely giving some great draw to the list

The Foremen:
These task-drivers sac our unnecessary labor and get us sweet sweet cash in return -Goblin Sledder and Mogg Raider make removal and combat hell for your opponent -Dark-Dweller Oracle lets us draw more -Makeshift Munitions pings off annoying enemies or burns the opponent out

If a swarm of goblins isnt enough we have a concerning amount of burn to finish the job. Lightning Bolt is clear cut but can be turned on a unit if needed, Goblin Grenade lets us sac our goblins for crazy damage while Goblin War Strike rewards you for growing a loving goblin family. Fireblast rounds out the burn package helping give us the final push.

as always any feedback, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated and if you enjoyed this list feel free to check out my other pauper lists --> jonjonhholt


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