The underbelly of the city The urban sprawl amassed Black bodies dark as shadow at the crossroads of daylight Twilight lights up again, this time for the first time Golden spoon and fork, jewels shining in every color imaginable A bittersweet scent, metallic, we are in these treasures There is an aura to this land The mana once gave off an odor of crimson glass Cutting softly Slightly away from the body Artistic scarlet and the paint will dry She brings up artifacts and church glass from the aftermath But mostly just adds up the mathematics The exiled coin of reason is not static It's plasticized lies drying yellow-coated eyes sick from sorrow Troubles of the present reflected in a past, jumping upwards, the skyward sparrow Time for arrows Pointing like the wooden stakes of a mob at my heart Our blood is our art



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+1 Crippling Fear main
+1 Crossway Troublemakers main
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+1 Curse of Echoes main
+1 Dark Impostor main
+1 Darksteel Citadel main
+1 Doom Blade main
+1 Dreadship Reef main
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