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Being a Pirate is Alright to be!

Pioneer Aggro BR (Rakdos) Theme/Gimmick Tribal


Listen up you maggots! This deck is mostly straight forward. Play a creature almost every turn and throw them at your opponent. Hit'em hard and hit'em fast! Most of the pirates here have some sort of extra deal that gives them a boost. Most of them are pretty self explanatory. There are a few creatures I'd like to highlight real quick before I discuss the sideboard and point out certain things.


Forerunner of the Coalition: This card lets you tutor up any pirate in the deck that you haven't drawn yet. When you cast this creature, you're ideally choosing to tutor up the remaining Forerunners because each one will deal one damage for each pirate you cast. You'll be doing 6 damage just by casting these guys, assuming that you're able to get them out consecutively. The last Forerunner can be used to tutor up anything. Normally, I'd suggest Dire Fleet Neckbreaker. Due to the higher CMC of Neckbreaker, it doesn't help much in the early game, but it's ability makes the pirates deadly later on.

Dire Fleet Poisoner: This card is pretty useful against creature heavy decks. Say you swing at your opponent for 2 damage and they've got a massive 6/6 on the battlefield. They block your 2/2, which should kill the attacker, right? All you gotta do is flash in your Dire Fleet Poisoner and your 2/2 gains +1/1 and deathtouch! Now you don't have to worry about that 6/6 and you've got another 2/2 ready for swingin'!

Kitesail Freebooter: Kitesail is a more defensive play. When you cast it, it'll steal some sort of spell from your opponent. A counter spell or enchantment that could've really hurt you is no longer a threat! The flying on this creature is a nice bonus. It kinda lets you poke you're opponent (assuming they're without flyers, or maybe block a flyer). You just gotta be careful if you do chose to block a flier. As soon as Kitesail dies, the card you exiled returns to your opponent.

Dire Fleet Captain: This creature is the main reason for the deck. It gains +1/1 for all other attacking pirates. Having all 4 out and only attacking with them makes them all 5/5s. The bigger your pirate crew, the stronger the captain becomes.

Dire Fleet Neckbreaker: Again, Neckbreaker is a bit expensive for an aggro deck. We do have a reason for running it. It makes your attacks scarier and hopefully can end a game that's been going on too long for an aggro deck.

Daring Buccaneer: This guy might be our best 1 drop. It's already a 2/2, which makes it better than Rigging Runner or Grasping Scoundrel. The only real downside to this card is you have to pay an extra 2 mana to cast it if you don't reveal a pirate. It shouldn't be too much of an issue though. You're almost always going to have another pirate in your hand, and your almost always going to play it the next turn.

Rigging Runner: This little guy can get scary. The first strike helps take out some weaker blockers. Just as Daring Buccaneer had one big weakness, the rigging runner must have one as well. The only real condition is you cast it after you attack. Not a big deal, but it's almost useless on turn 1 or if you can't attack for whatever reason.

Fathom Fleet Captain: I had originally overlooked this guy for the deck list. Big mistake of mine. A 2/1 for 2 with menace isn't bad on it's own, but what really made me rethink the inclusion of this creature is his ability. He helps fill out holes in our little pirate army by flooding the field with 2/2 tokens with menace.

Captain Lannery Storm: This spunky pirate creates tokens when she attacks. The treasure tokens she makes can help stabilize a mana-screwed board state. You can also throw the tokens into Fathom Fleet Captain to make them sweet pirate tokens. She's pretty versatile. The haste doesn't hurt either.

Other Spells

We've got two types of extra spells in the main deck. Burn spells (Lightning Strike, Shock) and graveyard recovery (March of the Drowned). Nothing too fancy.

Side Board

We've got Cast Down and Walk the Plank for some creature removal, Fiery Cannonade for a minor board wipe against other aggro decks, Banefire for an extra kick when Lightning Strike and Shock don't cut it. Duress for some anti-control, and Angrath, Minotaur Pirate. Angrath is like this deck's pocket knife. It pings, recovers creatures, and board wipes. It's high mana cost makes it hard to run in this deck, so I've moved it to the side board for those tricky match-ups.


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