UPDATE: This deck is finally getting retired, though it may get reassembled at some point in the future. I just...couldn't figure out where to go with the deck. First it was budget reanimator. Then it moved to stax-control. Then it moved to ramp and obscure bombs. Then it ended as an all-permanent Primal Surge combo deck. It just...never felt right - Meren is powerful (absurdly so) but simply not much fun to play (for me). And she just...never closed out the game. So I'm retiring this deck until I find a better direction to with it. Incidentally, Meren herself moved to my *RETIRED* Thousand Victories: Saskia EDH deck.

"Pale Death beats equally at the gates of beggars and kings." - Horace (65-8 BC)

This deck still needs lots of work, though it's very fun as-is. The original deck was made to be casual, but it's slowly morphed into my most competitive 1v1 deck, which often turns into a hard creature lock (Dictate of Erebos is nuts, no?). This is not exactly how I want it to play, though - it just never. finishes. people. off.

The early game often ramps very hard, with any one of the many Sakura-Tribe Elder-like cards looping repeatedly from my graveyard to fetch me many lands. I often end up having 12 lands on T6, but nothing to spend the mana on that will end the game. Most of the deck revolves around death triggers (not just the commander), so it's optimized in that direction.

What would you suggest as finishers in a reanimator deck like this (without breaking the bank)? My meta is rather competitive, and has many counterspells floating around.

UPDATE: I've heavily modified this deck recently, with more focus on the ramp, and to abuse Primal Surge. I'll write a new description soon :) Cards marked as foil are things I'm thinking about removing.


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