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I have been working on this deck for over 2 years now. The deck started out as a typical Purph deck using Krenko and Goblins as well as some tokens. Over time I got tired of Purph being targeted so I set the deck up so that he rarely becomes a creature (Maybe once every 8-10 games when I can not close out early) . While he can still be removed it is now more difficult to interact with him. I also lowered the curve of the deck to get it as low as possible (The decks actual Avg CMC is closer to 1.88 since there are cards that are not cost for their CMC but rather their Alternate CMC... Evoke cost and Echo costs for example).

To pilot the deck you want to get Purph out on curve (or earlier. The deck can fairly reliably get him out turn 3) then begin to drop creatures. That is all there really is. I do not run interaction because I want the game to be over before I would need removal. The exception to this is Blasting Zone to remove Torpor Orb or anything that effects ETBs. I run all the 0 drop creatures in red, as well as only 2 cards that have double red in their cmc costs. If I am running a creature that is over 3 cmc it is because the creature provides a massive benefit and can be a game finisher Neheb, the Eternal being an example. The deck runs several synergistic cards but only one combo which is fairly janky, but will win the game if it resolves (And most do not know about this combo so they won't interrupt)


Grinning Ignus + Runaway Steam-Kin + Ruby Medallion or Hazoret's Monument= Infinite dmg. Bouncing Grinning Ignus back to your hand and replaying him until the table is dead.

Some of the more impactful Synergy-

Mogg Infestation- Can provide a large amount of dmg dependent on your board state. 5 Creatures destryed will cause 20 dmg to each player. Can be a game Finisher

Grinning Ignus + Neheb, the Eternal= Use the floating mana to boucne and recast Grinning Ignus. Can be a game finisher.


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