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Ruxa is one interesting bear. Recursion, an anthem, and super-trample on a single creature? It would be nuts if it wasn't just for vanilla creatures.

While one could go with a high Vanilla creature spell count, I went for a few of the most cost-effective ones and mainly tokens- aided a bit by landfall to ramp and trigger token makers like Rampaging Baloths or provide a high land count for Avenger of Zendikar.

To make up for our token creatures' lack of abilities, we run some utility ones-- token makers like Mycoloth to go wide, creatures that draw on damage like Toski, or for casting creatures like Beast Whisperer. Just to name a few examples. Win by smashing face with our token swarm, either by Ruxa's blocker dodging ability or by buffing them up really big by feeding infinite mana (through Priest of Titania with 4+ elves equipped with Umbral Mantle) into a Finale of Devastation fetching Craterhoof Behemoth. We can also make infinite tokens, with Squirrel Nest on a Snow-Covered Forest with Earthcraft.

And yes the cards giving trample are Nonbos with our commander. They mainly are used as a way to close out the game or for if our Commander is unavailable.


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Out- Swiftfoot Boots

In- Greater Good (sac outlet, lets us use Fresh Meat without a boardwipe if need be)


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